Is It Spring Yet?

It’s been awhile since my l ast post, but here is the update.  I’m still living at the gym and have dropped a total of 10 lbs. and a pant size so far.  Of course, I’m hoping to do more, but I guess there’s something called patience that I have to have as well.  Bah.
Otherwise, things have been quiet here.  Kidlet is doing amazingly and surprising us everyday with something new.  Today she sang an OAR song on the way to Day Care.  Who knew? 
Work has still been slow, but I keep focussing on the idea that I still have a job and I’m grateful for that.  Spring is just around the corner (hopefully) and that will mean better times.
I have a hauge case of Spring Fever.  I’m already talking to Hubby about scheduling things for Sept. (as we don’t get to have much of a life during summer with Camp.)  The vegetable garden is all planned out and the shopping list of supplies is made.  Sad, I know.
Oh, and I also think it’s terribly wrong that U2 drops a new album and no tour????????  REALLY??  THAT’S NOT RIGHT I TELL YOU…..Not right at all!!!!!!!
We got our Federal Tax money today, so I’ve been sorting through bills looking for things to pay off.  Wow, that’s odd…looking for bills to pay.  Hmmm….I think I need help. 
I’m sorry things aren’t more eventful at the moment, but winter’s tend to be that way around here.  I’m still up at 5:00 or 6:00a.m. headed to the gym most everyday.  Pain and yelling are now my 2 best friends….Yikes.

My Winter of Discontent

Ahhh, another V-Day survived in the Floral Shop.  Granted this one was a lot slower than any in my memory.  When V-Day falls on a weekend it’s usually slower for Florists anyway, but couple that with the economy and it was down all the way around.  All we can do is hope next year is better.
With down business means lack of stories this year.  I usually have a good tale or two about guys sending to multiple girlfriends or any other number of creepy events, but no such luck this year.  Oh well.

I’m frying a bigger fish in my life right now.  And I sit here angry at myself.  I have a really great life.  A wonderful husband, a beautiful little girl, a roof over our head, and I still sit with a void in my life.  I don’t know what it is, but the feeling of this empty hole in the pit of my stomach is eating me alive.  I’m restless 24/7 and always feeling like I should be working on something bigger, but I have no idea what that something is. 
On the other hand, I sit here yelling at myself.  How dare I ask for more when so many have less.  How dare I not feel satisfied.  How dare I want more.  How selfish of me. 

I have tomorrow off and think I will spend my day here at this computer, looking up charities or projects that are bigger than me that might offer a shot at filling this void.  Maybe, just maybe I’ll get lucky and get an answer.  A girl can only hope.

Friday the 13th Came Early. Trust Me.

It’s been a very busy few days here.  Friday at work was just STRANGE.  First, I had a guy come in the shop and ask to use the phone.  It wasn’t until he was ON the phone that I over-heard “Yeah, I just got out of jail.  You still got that ride for me?”  Wonderful.   Dear God, I wanted to go out with a bang, but like this?  Figures.
I then fielded a call from one of the local funeral home directors who opened with “Do you have one of them, there Singing Valentine’s?”  Not knowing who it was I politely replied “We sure do,” and it was then that he revealed himself and told me that he was just kidding.  He proceeded to place an order for an upcoming funeral and when I asked for the last name of the deceased he says, “Butt. B-U-T-T.”  I didn’t say a word as I squelched a giggle.  It just figures that the name was the one thing he WASN’T kidding about. 
Saturday brought kidlet’s 2nd Birthday Party.  It’s true that her birthday isn’t until this week, but with V-Day falling on a Saturday this year and I working in a Floral Shop, it worked better to have it early this year.  We enjoyed family and friends, and it was a great afternoon.  Kidlet had a blast of her own seeing everyone.  It’s so hard to believe she’s 2 already!
On a different note, I’ve been blessed to have some former friends cross my path again.  I’m so happy to hear from them and get in touch with their lives.  It’s astonishing how fast time flies!
Otherwise, I’ve been living at the gym.  Friday was my day OFF of working out and it figures that I spent that whole morning trying to figure out when I could squeeze another workout in.  Sure enough, 6:45a.m. Sat. morning where was I?  In the gym parking lot waiting for it to open.  Yeah, I don’t know what’s happened to me either.
This week brings 5 more hours at the gym, and an additional day of work this week with Valentine’s Day.   It’s this holiday that always brings interesting stories.  I’ll be sure to share.

Say What Now?

What a good day.  Granted it started a bit rocky with a conversation with my co-worker/friend about how defeated I felt yesterday, feeling that I lost on both the kidlet and housekeeping fronts.  She chimed in with “Welcome to Motherhood.  There are A LOT of days like that.” 
I replied, “I was kinda hoping for a comment that might make me consider taking the Suicide Hotline off my Speed Dial.” 
“I don’t have time to sugar coat things, Hunny.”  –Gee, Thanks!
My day got better despite decorating fresh evergreen wreaths all day for the cemetery.  I like to think that my making of wreaths for the dead, adds to my karma points.  A girl can hope….
The nearly impossible happened today.  Working in the floral shop for 6 years now I’ve seen almost everything.  But today was a whole new ball of wax.–First, we got a call from a family member of a deceased person telling us that they only wanted 5 flowers at the funeral and that if anyone else called wanting to send flowers, we were to tell them the family prefers money.  Ummmm…no.  I don’t really think that’s in our job description as a floral shop, so that’s not gonna happen. 
Second, a 17 yr old guy came in with his mom this afternoon, wanting to get flowers for his girlfriend.  It wasn’t anything new until they asked if we had artificial roses.  I showed them what we had and he chose one artificial red rose and ordered 11 fresh red roses all to vased together (equaling a dozen.)  The kicker?  The card (which he came up with on his own) read, “I’ll love you until the last rose dies.”  Wow.  Even after all I’ve seen, I still remain hugely impressed.  I told him that at least he can write for Hallmark if everything else falls through for him. 
Finally, a writer came in the shop today, and while wrapping her purchases I told her that I’ve always wanted to write a Children’s Book, but have no idea how to go about publishers and all that stuff.  She was kind enough to give me a name of a book that should have all the info I need, which saved me about a week of research.  I’m so happy answers pop up when you need them. 
Who was the writer by the way?  Victoria Huston.  She’s written a host of mysteries using the Northwoods of WI as her backdrop and people in small towns as her characters–indirectly of course.   A list of the books she’s written is here:
Oh!  And I almost forgot!  I have a new member of my Cattleya family:

The Newest 'Chid

The Newest 'Chid


7 buds!!

7 buds!!


What can I say?  I saw it at work, it has 7 fricken buds and the price was right. –Stop looking at me like that…..
Well, I’m off to continue watching the Packer Game and update my Amazon Wish List before Hubby gets me anything for Christmas. 🙂

And the Loser Is……..

Friday was good.  I was greeted in the morning by one of my co-workers saying “Ho, Ho, Ho!”  “Already calling me names this morning?,” I asked.  That was good for a laugh.  My morning was consumed by decorating fresh wreaths and swags resulting in being up to my wrists in pine pitch.  All in a days work, I guess.  I forget how sticky that stuff is….
It was later in the afternoon when I had a quick comeback for my co-worker, that her and another said I should have my own talk show.  I laughed, saying I could only be on cable, and even then probably only on HBO and after 10:00p.m.  FCC??  What’s that?  Cause sometimes “Gosh Dang It!” just does not adequately express how I’m feeling.  LOL
I also discovered that Guns N Roses is dropping a new album Nov. 23rd.  There are no words for how happy this makes me. –Sad, I know. 
This weekend I’m a hunting widow, admittedly only during the days.  It will remain the same this week until Hubby gets his deer.  Oh well, I don’t mind.  No different than a working day.  Plus, it will hopefully mean more meat in our freezer.
On a different note, I feel like I’m losing on the home front at the moment.  Everyday is filled with the same chores, only to have the house still look like a tornado went through it by the end of the day.  That mixed with kidlet wanting my time, and needing to divide it between her and the to-do list, while somehow feel like I’m not neglecting her.  I don’t feel I’m excelling anywhere right now.   I hope that changes soon. 
I am half-way through my Floral Design Course at the moment, which does give a taste of accomplishment seeing the course is supposed to be completed in 6-9 months, and it’s only been 2 mos so I’m ahead of schedule.  I’m crossing my fingers to finish by January, but we’ll see.   There’s whispers of another adventure awaiting me in Jan., so I’d like to finish this one first.
I guess that’s all for the moment.  Just can’t seem to shake this “drowning” feeling today.  Thank God for work tomorrow…..I wonder how many times that’s been said…… 

It’s Like Christmas Just Puked All Over Me!

Wow!  What a great day!  I dreaded work yesterday, but it turned out great.  We got things done, but also got a chance to blow off some steam as we picked apart some materials used for Christmas centerpieces last year, and found some picks with huge “Diamonds” on them.  I tore one apart, made it into a ring and went around to my-coworkers with this ridiculously huge “diamond” on my hand saying, “He went to Jared!”  (Like the commercials.)  At least we all got a good laugh. 
Today has been nothing but good news.  I was worried about the weekend after Thanksgiving as my friend is having party, but I didn’t know what my family’s Thanksgiving plans were, plus Hubby and I wanted to get away for my Birthday which is that same weekend.  It turns out that my family’s Thanksgiving is cancelled this year due to my step-mom’s leg and ankle injuries.  So it looks like we can find a sitter for kidlet that Sat. head to my friend’s party and Hubby and I can go out after for the night and pick kidlet up Sunday.  So, it all works out in the end.  🙂
Also, it’s just been worked out that my friend from college and I are taking a Girls’ Weekend Jan 23rd & 24th.  We’re meeting halfway and taking 2 nights to ourselves!!  I’m so stinking excited!
AND, I found out at work yesterday that my co-worker and I are switching days Thanksgiving Week which means I work the day before Thanksgiving, but have the day after off.  What makes this better?  Kidlet is at Day Care and Hubby is Hunting.  Can I get a “W00t, W00t!?!?”  LOL 
I don’t know what I did to have Karma smile on me so, but I’ll take it.  🙂


Today was well…..CRAPPY.  I got into work today, feeling solemn–emotionally, mentally and physically drained.  The vibe from my co-workers didn’t help.  It’s the time of year where 12 women try to decorate one store  for Christmas and there gets to be too many cooks in the kitchen and too much estrogen…need I say more?  Bah.
I did my best to pull myself out of it, but i never really succeeded.  Even being in the back and up to my elbows in soil as I planted a Lady Palm, didn’t raise my spirits…that’s almost unheard of.
So, I’m glad today is done.  It was spent filling funeral orders and hanging Christmas ornaments while being trapped in my own head.  YIKES.  I’m physically still feeling like hell, as I’m still dealing with an eye infection, and now a cold or sinus thing on top of it.  The upside to all of this, is that I now have enough meds to run a small nursing home.   
So, I think I’m going to try and take this weekend for me.  To rest, to sort things out, to get my head back in the game, in part to get my head pulled out of my butt and my body back to normal.  We’ll see how it goes.

Good Morning, Madam

“<discreet cough> Good Morning Madam.  I’m so sorry to disturb you, but it appears to be morning.  Very inconvenient, I agree.  I believe it’s the rotation of the earth that is to blame.” 
Now THERE’S the alarm clock I want. 🙂 

Today has been eventful.  I woke up this morning with my left eye red and practically swollen shut.  YAY!  Hubby asked if I was going to go to Urgent Care for it and I told him it depended on how work went.  He asked if I could do him a favor, and upon asking what he wanted, he said, “Can you walk like this *doing his best Igor walk impression* today?”  Jerk.
I got to work and got the honor of taking my first funeral family.  (Meaning that I got to sit with them and help them figure out what they wanted for the services.)  It would just figure that it’s the day that I look half-put together with no eye make-up on and admittedly, Igor-ish.  Thank you, God.  Good to see your sense of Humor is still intact. 
I finished with the family and my boss said that I should go to the Dr.  I got to Urgent Care to find most of the city in line.  Awesome.  2 hours later, I finally had my perscription for my eye drops and a note from the Dr. saying that I couldn’t go back to work because of Pink Eye being contagious.  Okay then.
I got home to a dirty house and promised myself I wouldn’t clean today because it doesn’t normally get done today and I needed a break.  Yeah, that didn’t work.  What’s wrong with me?  Oh well, I may still look horrible, but my house is okay. 
I suppose it’s time for me to head into town to pick up kidlet from Day Care.  Back to Mothering!

Requests From a Floral Girl

Yesterday at work was quiet…annoyingly so.  Between the dreary weather and the slow day I was in a snarky mood.  I did however come up with a few requests I have of the world.
First, if you call a floral shop last minute wanting an order to be sent to a funeral, and we’re taking the orders to the funeral home in 10 minutes, please don’t be disappointed when the only thing we can send is a plant. 
Second, if you’re a customer looking to use our restroom, you do so, your ass explodes in there and I’m working RIGHT outside the door, a warning would be nice.  A “sorry about that,” or a simple “run!” would be great.  Thank you.
I also discovered that if I have too much coffee in the afternoon, I tend to resemble a Parkinson’s patient having a seizure…which also makes for increased difficulties making bows.  I guess I’ll tack that down as Life Lesson #141. 
In other news, Hubby and I watched the movie “The Guardian” last night.  If you have not seen it, it’s worth it to do so!  What a great flick & it’s even a guy flick!  –That’s impressive coming from me.
And finally, since the nearest Olive Garden around us is 100 miles away and the last time I was there was 2004, Hubby and I have found a couple of recipes to try and copy their Minestrone Soup and Salad.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I thought it’s at least a try….wish us luck!

Merry Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!  I ironically spent mine stringing Christmas lights on trees, putting together another tree, hanging ornaments, etc.  Tis’ the Season!
I got off work an hour early to pick up kidlet to go Trick-or-Treating.  She had gone once during daycare, but we still had to make the rounds to Grandma & Grandpa and Auntie.  So, I picked her up, took her home, got her dressed, gathered our things and left.  Went to Grandma & Grandpa’s, then went around the block to Auntie’s, then further around the block back to Grandma & Grandma’s.  There, we found that Grandpa had gone back into the woods, so we took Grandma out to eat.  Upon finishing dinner, we dropped Grandma off back at their house and did a major grocery shopping trip.  After getting home and unloaded, we got kidlet to sleep and I squeezed in a work-out and a shower.  I’m tired.
The Hot Air Balloon Company called my cell during work asking if we would like to try to go again as this weekend’s weather is looking really nice.  A few phone calls made and a few phone calls returned, it looks like we’ll be trying again tomorrow night.  Keep your finger’s crossed!  Grandma is kind enough to take kidlet over-night Saturday, so that should be nice.
Sunday we’ll be heading to my hometown to see kidet’s other Grandparents and attend the Halloween Parade.  My parents are planning on having lunch for us, which means an early kidlet pick-up and road-trip.  A busy weekend indeed!
I don’t really have anything witty or thought-provoking today.  Weariness has taken all of those thoughts hours ago. 

Our Lil Princess

Our Lil' Princess


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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