Wii-ing All Over Myself

I just had a nice session with my Wii.  I found that the Boxing Game is really not something to mess with.  However, it was productive-in that sweaty, demoralizing, humiliating way…..
I’m battling with my weight at the moment. –More like for the last 10 years.  I chalk it up to Karma.  I find most days, I’m sitting on this fence of: Do I eat myself to Lap-Band Surgery, or do I work it off? 
Granted, working if off would be cheaper, but then again, Lap-Band would be more effective.  I mean really…how much damage can you do if you feel like you’re gonna puke after eating a raisin?  –Gotcha thinking, didn’t I?   It’s better than that bag of Cheetos that went to my ass last month and hasn’t managed to budge.  I’m just sayin…
*Sigh* I suppose I’ll work it off. –If I MUST..  I have a 10 year High School Class Reunion next year that I would like to go to, but these are the years that everyone is still worried about looks, money, careers…rather than when we get older and the victory is in just being around to show up.  So, as much as I would like to say I’m confident enough in myself to go as I am, I better head back to the Wii Boxing Ring to get my ass kicked again.  Stupid Cheetos.

An Unexpected Great Day

Big News First:  MY ORCHID IS FINALLY BLOOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Pics to come in a minute…hold your horses)
Otherwise, this turned into an unexpected great day.  I guess it really started yesterday when one of my Hubby’s friends from camp brought us some outdoor toys for kidlet.  Little did I expect a freaking Jungle Gym!  It’s amazing!  They also brought books and a toy vanity, a lamp and a PFD for kidlet.  I’m speechless! 
Today my parents came to visit, and they got to see my Orchid.  More importantly, with the help of these new toys, they got to play and interact with kidlet.  It was great and exactly what I’ve been needing. (As odd as that is to say.)  With their help kidlet mastered climbing and going down the slide today!  It was so great to see. 


Grandpa with Kidlet 🙂

They also brought some of my old things (from when I was a kid) for kidlet to use now, which is neat.   My dad also brought me some jewelry that I thought was long gone.  I was supposed to have inherited a diamond ring from my Great, Great Aunt, but I’ve been unable to track it down.  I didn’t know that my Dad had it this whole time!  I’m so happy!

I also found a locket from my childhood that I’ve often wondered about.  That in itself were two very nice surprises. 
Our Wii paid for itself today.  I showed it to my parents, and my dad had a ball with it!  It was an easy 2 hours of fun together! 
With all of these things, I really think this was the best visit with my parents in a long time.  Yay!
Now, onto my Orchid.  Oh you think I would attach it to THIS post?  Oh hell no!  I’m been waiting for this for too long…it gets a post by itself. 🙂

Are Wii sore?

Yes.  Hell yes.  For those who don’t know, we got a Wii Thurs. night.  Wow.  I’m mean, it’s great!  It’s a blast, but where’s the warning saying that you will hurt the next morning?  Hello, Surgeon General-wanna get on this?
I have a Wii Fit and Wii Play on it’s way to me.  I’ve decided in lieu of these great workouts already, we’re cancelling our membership at the YMCA Tues.  We don’t get there anyway.  And now that I can look like an idiot in the privacy of my own home and feel the results the next day, I’m happy.  That will save us over $300 a year.  Yay!  Hubby likes the idea as well….for now.
Kidlet had a fever yesterday which broke after she woke up.  So, knowing that work was (hopefully) going to be busier with the Holiday Weekend, I bit my lip, got ready for work and took her to Day Care.  Day Care called about a 1/2 hour after I dropped her off.  Her fever was back.  My boss was not  happy, but I had to take care of her, so we enjoyed the day together at home.  Her fever broke for good mid morning.  She still has a cough and runny nose though…and an attitude this morning.  We’ll get through it though. 
On the Orchid Front, I’m pursuing 2 more colors of Cattleyas and ending the buying run.  That will fill my available shelf space.  I’ll be happy.  I already obsess over them each night looking at their new growths.  Stop laughing. It’s not nice.
We watched “Juno” from Netfix last night.  LOVED IT!  5 stars!!!  It was great!
Guess that’s all for now.  We’re hosting a BBQ later tonight for a few staff members here at Camp helping my Hubby already.  That means Slush Punch tonight!  Yay!