Check Please!

Hmmm…where to start today.   Well, yesterday was bloody hot, even hotter in the greenhouse and work was D-E-A-D Dead.  Our boss let us take a 2 hour lunch instead of a 1 hour lunch in lieu of the quietness.  That actually put me in a pepredicament.  The electrician was at the house working on our panel (whatever that is) and we didn’t have power.  So.  2 hours to myself, no kidlet, and unable to go home.  Hmmmmmm…
I deposited my paycheck, and went to a local sit-down restaurant figuring they’d let me stay for awhile and I’d save all that gas money by not going home and back into town. 
All was going well.  I was texting my best friend and enjoying my fish sandwich.  I then went to shake the ketchup bottle for my fries.  That’s when I discovered (all too late) that some bastard didn’t screw the cap on tightly.  There I was, alone in a public restaurant covered in ketchup.  My face, my neck, my shirt, my cell, the table, the wall, and probably some places I didn’t discover.  Sonofa&$*! 
I cleaned up as fast as I could with the 2 small used napkins I had, and then realized that I HAD to go home to change shirts.  Otherwise I would go back to work looking like I was 3 and couldn’t feed myself.  Yikes. 
So: Lunch $10
20 miles round trip to my home and back to work = The price of my soul
But, I got a new shirt and little of my dignity back. 
It just wasn’t my day.
Camp Staff invited us out last night, but we told them they were stupid for going to a bar on the weekend that Country Fest is going on here.  (which holds 25,000 people per day.) 
So, we had them over for a campfire.  About 12:00a.m. severe weather rolled through.  We were well aware of it coming, so the fire wrapped up about 11:00p.m. when the warning was issued.  I was secretly happy because it meant I got to bed at a decent time. 😛 
As for the storm, it did weaken right before it got here, so we just picked up a 1/4″ of rain and some wind.  Nonetheless, hubby still had to go out and round up scouts like cattle to get them to storm shelters.  Got to love summer!

As for today, the Hot Air Balloon Rally is this afternoon/evening. 
Breezy conditions are expected, so keep your fingers crossed that it’s still a go!  (Pleaassee!)
Our friends just confirmed this morning that they will be joining us for our Hot Air Balloon Ride Aug. 31st.  YAY!!!!!!!!!! 
She was due to have their baby the 10th (my Godson) but he’s not here yet.  Rrrrrr.  I don’t wait well……. Patience is NOT my forte.  I’ll keep you posted though!