Straight to Time-Out

jeez, you put a couple of crickets and a night crawler in the microwave and bam! ...straight to time out.

jeez, you put a couple of crickets and a night crawler in the microwave and bam! ...straight to time out.

After last evening, I needed this laugh.  Hubby and I had another “misunderstanding” between us about his work last night.  Saturday we’re due to take kidlet trick-or-treating for the very first time and he has a meeting, that he refuses to even look into missing or rescheduling.   I just selfishly hate all these weekends of being a single-parent and especially ones where he misses big events.  We still have yet to “make-up” from this one.  It’ll come sooner or later…
I also came to a situation in my life where one has to make the classic decision of doing what’s easy or what’s right.  The right thing prevailed, but the quote of “Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy” is the understatement of century.  I need to have a talk with the orginator of that quote.
So, between these 2 things, I’m feeling kinda crappy.  However, here’s a good time to remember “This, Too, Shall Pass.”   Yeah.
In better news I got THE Best Card in the mail yesterday from from my adopted-mom from  @AnnOhio:

listen here you flat chested, broad assed, penciled-in eye browed, tupperware snatchin wench! give me back my deviled egg carrier!

listen here you flat chested, broad assed, penciled-in eye browed, tupperware snatchin' wench! give me back my deviled egg carrier!

Yes, it’s random, but I LOVE IT!  These great cards are brought to you by:  They are so funny!! 
Oh, and THANKS ANN!!!!!

Vibe’n Life Again

Good morning.  It’s been a busy few days, so I apologize for the tardiness of this update. The drama mentioned before is over, life has moved on and I’m feeling good again.  I guess we need bad days in order to appreciate the good days that much more.  I just don’t like to write when I’m really down because I don’t want this blog to be a bid sob-story.  That’s not what I’m about.  Reporting life is what I’m about. 
Anyway, we FINALLY got our car Wednesday.  IT’S WONDERFUL!  It’s a 4 cylinder, but dang it has balls.  It has XM (which we’ll keep) and OnStar (which we won’t).  It has a whole 400 miles on it, as I took it on a road trip Thursday.  I did spend an hour at the dealership complaining about the treatment we received a couple of weeks ago from them (which I blogged about here in a previous post.)  I didn’t intend to complain that long, but the General Manager wanted to hear the story and so it went.  They attempted to compensate us with a dinner for two at a local restaurant and 2 free oil changes.  Also, one of the associates got fired…not only because of us, but because he had pulled the same thing with other customers.   The attempted compensation was nice, and the apology appreciated, but I’m still pretty sure we’ll go someplace else to get our next car.   Anyway, here’s the car that was such a pain in the butt to get, but worth it in the end:

2009 Pontiac Vibe

2009 Pontiac Vibe



Back Storage The Folds Down

Back Storage The Folds Down


Center Console

Center Console

I posted a couple weeks ago that I ordered some Bath and Body Works Lotions.  I got both “Enchanted Orchid” and “Wild Honeysuckle.”  I LOVE the “Enchanted Orchid” but the “Wild Honeysuckle” doesn’t smell anything like Honeysuckle but I’m learning to like it.  It’s just nice to put scented lotion on after a shower and smell good for awhile.
This week has been an odd one at work.  Monday we went from 0 to 5 funerals during the course of the day.  Despite the number of funerals, we’ve still managed to be dead all week.–No pun intended.  Yesterday just as the boredom officially set in, something worse came in and we got a shipment of baskets.  I hate unpacking baskets because of the Chinese Warehouse Dust that comes with them and the tedious work of putting liners and pricing all of them.  In the same breath, it was a mixed blessing because it kept us busy all day.  Oh well, you take what you can get.
I’ve been addicted to again in pursuit of a new key chain and a sock monkey (for Kidlet)  –A new ride deserves a new key chain, I think. So far, I like these: 




At the moment, I can’t decide, but I love window-shopping online and I love wish-lists even more.  It’s like actually shopping.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.
Speaking of shopping, I did get a new book from  I just got it yesterday and flipped through it last night.  I’m really excited about it! 
Oh, and thanks again to Netflix, I got to see “The Notebook” last night.  Okay, if you haven’t seen this flick, YOU REALLY NEED TO!  It’s amazing!  I LOVED IT!!!  –Yes, it’s a tear-jerker, but a great one.  Oh, and on the subject of Netflix, I received some coupons for a free month trial if anyone is interested.  Just let me know.  I know how much we love it and how well it fits into our lifestyle.  Friday or Saturday nights are now usually movie nights. 🙂 
On a different note, we once again rescheduled our Hot Air Balloon Ride for this Sunday (Sept. 21st.)  I’m actually really excited about it (again) because the forecast actually looks good, and if we go up the trees around our area are turning colors and are GORGEOUS!  YAY!!!!  Maybe God’s plan is better than mine after all.–Don’t tell Him I said that.
Finally, I decided to put all of my Life Lessons into a Journal for Kidlet (someday.)  These are the querky thoughts/lessons I come across in daily life.  My only problem now is tracking down all the ones I’ve had.  Luckily, my Twitter archive ( will help…once I get time to flip through them all.  I only have about 12,000 updates.  Yeah.

3:00 a.m. is NOT normal!

I’m cranky.  If I wrote this thing only when things were great and I was happy, it would be a bit too “Care Bear-ish” for my standards. –Not that I have anything against the Care Bears.  I loved them as a kid and had Wish Bear, but I digress…
I’ve been sick for a week with a head/chest cold and some random bouts of nausea.  Kidlet was gracious enough to bring it home from Day Care.  So, last night, despite it being Sat. I just couldn’t do anything.  The game of “tickle in my throat leads to coughing up a lung” for the past 2 days had me wore out.   However, I told hubby that if wanted to go out he could.  He did. 
He didn’t leave until I was in bed, (which is oddly normal as the staff are younger than us and go out WAY later.)  Somehow, I just assumed he would still be back at a normal hour.  Yeah, well, 3:00a.m. isn’t normal.  Now it’s not that I don’t trust him, and I know I gave him the okay.  But while he was out, I was up 4 times with kidlet, and I guess I’m frustrated because he’ll be dragging all day now, and I’m feeling like a single mom 24/7.  That, and I guess I’m jealous that he got to go out and I didn’t.  Hey, at least I can admit it. 
When people hear of our living situation being that Hubby works at a Boy Scout Camp and that’s also where we live, people think it’s awesome.  I’m writing this 1/2 way through the 10 weeks of hell (of camp season) and I’m tired.  Working here means Hubby literally works 7 days a week, plus he’s on call 24/7 in case of equipment failure or emergencies.  It’s this time of year that just wears me down. 
But like the magnet I got from @AnnOhio ( I just have to “Put on My Big Girl Panties and Deal With It.”
In the meantime, thanks for letting me vent.

Guess the next color of the crap I cough up

I’m home sick today playing, “Guess the next color of the crap I cough up.”  Yeah, I don’t envy me either.   Otherwise, I’m doing well.  I’m secretly hoping Hubby and I can lay-low this weekend and relax.  Tonight, if all works out we’ll watch “Clerks” and enjoy some take out.  Tomorrow, he has to work until about noon, and then I have no idea what’s going on.   Hopefully nothing.  What can I say?  I’m getting old.
Nicole and Si and their new baby boy, Marshall, (my God Son) are all doing great and resting at home today.  I still can’t believe that poor girl had 29 hours of labor.  I promise to never complain about my delivery again.  Damn.  She’s sore, but doing well.  Things are going to be great for them.
One of my best friends on Twitter ( (and my adopted-mom) is realizing her dreams.  She visited Texas 5 years ago, and promised herself in 5 years she would live there.  As of today, she landed a new job there.  I’m so excited for her!  She’s an inspiration and example of how anyone can achieve their dreams!  Congrats @AnnOhio!  
Well, off to pick up kidlet from Daycare and resume Mom duties.

Foamy Ketchup Kind of Day

What a day it’s been.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but days like this when it gets technical, I can only explain soil amendment so many times before, even I, talk myself into a coma.
My day started by dropping kidlet off at day care as usual except her classroom door was locked.  I’m thinking “Very funny guys.  You have to take my child, it’s what I pay you for.”  Turns out they got a new security system in the day care and now every parent has to use the main door, punch a code to get in, and go through the entire building to get your kid.  *Sigh*  It’s just a pain in the butt.  So, I hummed the “Mission Impossible” theme while picking up kidlet tonight.  Administration didn’t find it funny, but the teachers did.
I got to work to discover that I underestimated the popularity of the most recent person to kick the bucket.  Normally, I wouldn’t mind….but then there’s the customer that holds you on the phone for 20 minutes telling you a story that they couldn’t cut the grass in the space made for their garden because a turtle was in it.  No, I’m not making it up…I don’t have the energy to make it up.
In lieu of payday, I treated myself to McDonald’s for lunch…at least I initially thought it was a treat.  That was until I used the ketchup dispenser in the restaurant and got foamy ketchup.  It looked normal going into the little paper cup and then turned orange-ish and continued growing like head on a beer.  I should have taken pictures.  I took new stuff which looked a little better and ate in anyway figuring if I got sick, I would have someone to sue.  After my meal I remembered the Salmonella Tomatoes and figured you guys can kiss my ass goodbye, but it’s 8:00p.m. and I’m still okay…so far.
I knew my day wasn’t great, but then I looked at some poor McDonald’s employee being sent out the door in a chinsey Ice Cream Cone Costume and a sign reading “49 Cent Cones” to wave at traffic.  Yep, my day may not have been good, but at least I wasn’t that guy.
My day ended with a call wanting to know if I could look up an order and tell her what plant was sent.  -This is never a good sign.  I looked and realized that I was the one to fill the order and I told her that I sent a Streptocarpus.  I get, “Are they poisonous to humans?”  I think it’s better if I don’t know that story.   Yikes.
Finally, Camp Staff has figured out that we’re going out tomorrow night.  Apparently after last week, I’m somewhat of an attraction.  I may have to start charging…..Anyway, by the sounds of it, we will have a lot of company, and with kidlet at Grandma’s, we don’t have a curfew. 
Look out Twitter!!!

Addition to the Orchid Family

BLC Crowfield \'Mendenhall\'

BLC Crowfield ‘Mendenhall’

Welcome this new addition to my Cattleya Family.  It’s just a baby in a 2″ container, but with some TLC, I should get blooms in 3 years.  One color left to get and I’m done.   Really…..
I had a Twitter friend make a great Browser User Interface for me.  I’ve figured out how to tweak it and have made progress.  I’ll unvail it soon!  Thanks so much @linksmonkey!
Today has been really nice.  Hubby took kidlet with him this morning while he did some camp stuff and I unintentionally slept until 10:00a.m.  Whoops!  We had lunch and went to Elvis’s parents.  Grandma bought some great clothes for kidlet at some garage sales!  I’m so excited!  Kidlet is quickly growing out of her 18 mos. pants and PJ’s, so the 2T stuff is greatly appreciated.
Even though tomorrow is Memorial Day, Hubby has to work some.  It’s okay.  I have off work and Day Care is closed, so it will be kidlet and I.  The day should still be fun though.
That’s all for now.  Off to bed for me!

Personal Assistant Anyone?

I was surfing the other night and came across  She works with which is a part of my livelihood.  She reminds you of anything you want her too, and by working with Twitter, she can send your reminders to your phone when you’re out and about. 
I’m still trying to get her to really work for me, but the fault is with me at the moment because I don’t have a whole lot going on for her to help me with.  That wiil change, I’m sure.
I just thought I would pass the word to help everyone else out too. 
Have a good one!

A Hellofa Week

Wow.  What a week of a very sick child, spiking fevers, 4 different meds, whining, crying, sweating, baths.  Yeah, I’m tired.  
Luckily, I can say this morning that I’m seeing glimpses of my usual girl.  No fevers this morning, there’s been a few smiles and even some happy squeals.  Thank God. 
I can’t thank all my friends on Twitter ( enough for all your kind words, thoughts and cares.  I really appreciate it!
As for me, I’m pretty wore out right now.   I wish I could say that this weekend will bring some relief, but it’s Staff Weekend out here at camp and Elvis has to work all weekend.  I may get a shot at some extra sleep Sunday afternoon.  I can hope. 
My spirits are better today.  Less worried and no longer frantic. 
Hubby took a look at our finances and things are looking great.  This year we’ll be able to REALLY start saving.   After this month, we’ll have one debt left to pay on (outside of our regular bills.)   I smell a savings account for a house around the corner. 🙂  Yay! 
On the Orchid front, the ‘Hawaiian Passion’ has suffered.  I *think* it froze during shipping and I lost over half of the foliage.  (Stupid WI Weather.)  I contacted the seller about it and am waiting to hear from him what he thinks.  A girl can hope for a replacement plant, but I don’t know if that will happen.  In the meantime, a moment of silence please……Thank you.  LOL 🙂
Sorry this post is lacking in my usual wit and cleverness.  I’m lacking my usual sleep.  🙂

One of *those* Days

I should have taken the clue this morning when I was walking around making the bed and came across a dead Mouse carcass the cats had thoughtfully left for me overnight that this was not going to be one of my best days. 
Granted I’ve felt better today…more awake and ready to take on the world.  Well, at least more than I’ve felt in the last week or so.  Little did I know I was going to need the energy.
Our daughter has had a run-of-the-mill cough etc. for about 3 weeks.  We took her to the Doctor last Tues. and they said she had a Respiratory Infection and prescribed 10 days worth of Amoxcillin.  The Dr. said if she didn’t get better after the 10 days, to bring her back because this particular strain of infection is linked to Chronic Bronchitis and Pneumonia.  My Hubby and I were already thinking yesterday that we were going to have to bring her in Sat. because she wasn’t getting better and we doubted she was going to improve THAT much in 48 hours. 
She started with a low temp last night and this morning it went up to 100.3 despite the Tylenol I gave her earlier.  My mind wandered and centered on the customer I had in the Floral Shop last week whose daughter was in the Hospital with severe Pneumonia which had only shown bad symptoms 2 days before.  I freaked.  Thank God for Twitter. (  Thank God for the countless people whom I chat with everyday that know my personality and are so gracious to put up with me for free.   No, that’s not an offer for me to start paying.  Sorry.  I vented to them right away as I tried to keep it together.  They sent me worse horror stories that their kids had lived through and got me feeling better.
We got her to the Dr. this morning to find out that she has an ear infection, sinus infection, respiratory infection and is teething.  We got her meds filled and came home with the Walmart Pharmacy.  The good news is that she “should” be getting better soon with the new arsenal of meds.  Crisis diverted for now.
In the meantime, I have a child who has an ear infection, sinus infection respiratory infection and is teething. Please send booze.  I’m begging you.