Don’t Throw the Potatoes!

It took an act of God, but I FINALLY got to catch-up on some sleep yesterday.  I think this may be the first time in 16 mos. or so.  So, I’m actually feeling pretty darn good.  Now, if those damn Housekeeping Fairies would show up, I could die happy.
I’ve discovered that no amount of warnings could ever exist to prepare for when your kid starts to walk and gets good at it.  Wow. 
“Don’t throw the potatoes!”
“Get off the Kitchen Table!”
“Don’t walk in the bathtub!”
“How did you get up there?”
“Don’t play with the soda cans!”
These have all been added to my vocabulary.  She impresses/scares the hell out of me everyday. 🙂

Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot that’s new.  Our next big event is at the end of August, so until then I’m back to making fun of everyday life.  It works.
No word on if I have a God Son yet.  She was due the 10th…poor thing.  I’ve suggested 4-wheeler rides, mowing their bumpy yard and having sex to try and help.  Still nothing.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep knitting his monkeys.  *shrug*