Burst my Bubble

Morning.  For all of you holding your breath for amazing Hot Air Balloon Ride pics….exhale.  They’re not here.  Our trip got cancelled/post-poned due to winds.  Now, is the task to reschedule, but I think we might try again in as soon as 2 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.
Hubby and I still took advantage of an overnight babysitter for kidlet and we were going to head to Wausau anyway, but I realized that was kind of pointless seeing that we had just been there and we need to go back this week to pick up our new car.  So, I changed plans and we headed to Minocqua for the afternoon. 
We walked the shops and on the hottest day of the year, I purchased hand knit gloves for me and mittens for kidlet. (–It’s me.  In my world it makes sense.)  We then headed to the Casino for supper and each used $20 in the slots.  It was nice. 
I got home last night to find a message on our machine that Grandpa is in Intensive Care with Pneumonia.  My Grandma expects hum to stay there for a few days yet.  If you’d all keep him in your thought and prayers, I’d appreciate it.
I don’t know what’s on the agenda for today.  Not much, I suppose…afterall, it is a holiday.  I’m keeping an eye on my Grandpa’s situation and debating a trip there this week.  We shall see.

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you’re a mom and you’re reading this….Happy Mother’s Day!   Unfortunately, my Mom passed away almost 4 years ago (May 16th, 2004).  It sucks sometimes, but I also know that she is in a better place and now she’s always with me.   In any case, Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
I spent yesterday replacing some plants in my gardens.  We also shopped at Menards and Aldi’s (for groceries.)  We then went out to eat for Mother’s Day and came home and got kidlet to bed. 
I was tucked into the couch, watching Nascar, a laptop on my lap ready for the night, and my cell rang.  It was Amie and she wanted to know if I wanted to go out.  I hesitated…but Hubby insisted that I go and have some fun.  I went out and met the group at a local bar and had a good time.  I also played responsible and came home at 10:30….prude, I know.  But I wanted to be able to enjoy Mother’s Day instead of being hungover and tired.
As for today, Hubby greeted me with breakfast after I got to sleep in and gave me a card from kidlet which he had her sign with her hand prints in paint.  I love it!  They will also be getting me the book “The Last Lecture” when they can find (as stores have been sold out).  Hubby remembers me saying “I want that” after I saw it on TV.  He’s so awesome! 
Kidlet is laying down at the moment.   When she wakes, we’ll get her lunch and hubby is going to take her into town to do some shopping and visit his mom.  This will give me sometime to perhaps do more gardening or just relax.  I need to savor this as this is the last quiet weekend around here for a long time. –It’s the perils of living in a Boy Scout Camp in Summer. 

I’m Not an Addict!

I was starting to slightly worry about the endless hours I’ve spent in the evenings winding-down by flipping through Orchid Auctions on eBay.   I didn’t want to say anything to Hubby, but I was wondering if I was developing a problem.  Thank God for the customers that come into the Floral Shop. 🙂
I got talking to a good customer of ours about her Orchids.  I knew she grew them for years.  What I *didn’t* know was that she has 70.  7-0!!  Without a Greenhouse!  She says she has no room on her kitchen table left, and she said that those 70 plants *didn’t* count her house plants. 
Hearing this, I decided that I don’t have a problem.  And if I do have a problem, satisfying it by window-shopping eBay auctions is okay.  After this weekend, I’ll have a total of 6 and one is being given-away.  That’s okay.
That’s what I have to watch with myself.  When I find something new that I like, I immerse myself in it.  I consume myself in it.  It’s not a matter of getting one or two or just trying something.  I belly-flop into the deep end.  At least I recognize that about myself and thus I can window-shop eBay and be happy with 5 Orchids.  I grow wiser everyday. 😉
It is also an OUTSTANDING mail-week!  I have a new cell phone coming, we’re getting a new credit card (which is actually a good thing), a spring coat for kidlet is on it’s way and my orchids come Saturday.  In the meantime, we’re so caught up on our bills, our mailbox is quite empty.  I guess I should be grateful?…..or Sign up for more catalogs.–I love looking.  Okay.  Maybe I do have a problem…at least it’s a window-shopping problem, and that’s fairly inexpensive.