Turning Over a New Leaf :)

I apologize for my lapse in blogging, but my world has taken off and I figured what a better day to catch up than this.
I’ve done a lot of work on myself after realizing the lack of control we have of others, and I’ve finally made this astonishing  transition from the part of my life where I live up to other standards and what they think I should do, to living up to my standards and that of my family.  The change has been amazingly joyous as I finally have the self-respect to cut drama out of my life.  There for a while my ego was doing everything it could to suck me in and cause pain, and I’ve finally said, “Enough!”  It seems to have changed everything in my life for the better.   I now respect myself and my family enough to put up boundaries in relationships where there’s a need.  I live by “what you see is what you get” and I expect the same from others. In realizing this, I found some relationships in my life where words said one thing and the actions were another.  I’m better than this.  I deserve better than this.
Apparently I must be doing something right as I’m so much less stressed & conflicted (unless it comes to our calender and deadlines at the moment), new/old relationships with past friends have arisen and are wonderful, my husband and I argue less and when we do argue, it’s solved with an “I’m sorry” and an understanding that both of us had a bad moment.–There’s no re-hashing who-said-what-to-hurt-who etc.  Our luck too has drastically turned around, and I honestly couldn’t ask for more right now.
Kidlet is thriving too.  I will not deny her any relationships with anyone granted those relationships are honest and loving, and I’m happy to say she has that in her life right now.–Abundantly!  I know I’m biased but she’s the best thing since sliced bread and I am honored to be her mother.
I wake up right now literally feeling  joy everyday.  This is the first time in my life I can say that.  There is so much to be said for newfound self-respect.
In new Business/Knitting news:  I’m on the home stretch of my knitting orders.  I have 10 ornaments left and the base of one hat and flowers for 3 hats to do and then my hands can rest for a bit.  I can’t believe how this has taken off!  My new business “Launch” of-sorts will be Nov.  21st-22nd when my ornaments hit the sales floor of the shop I work in.  Granted-I don’t have a website yet to back this up, but I need inventory for that, so I’m setting a tentative goal of Feb. 1st to sell on-line and launch the website.
I do have new pics to share of product:

24 Sweater Ornaments
24 Sweater Ornaments

24 Hat ornaments
24 Hat ornaments



A Good Dose of Life

It’s been an interesting week.  My best friend from college came and stayed with us for the week because of a family situation she’s going through.  This past week has taught me a lot:
It has taught me that sometimes the most effective way you can be a best friend, is by just being there.   That one should always lead by example.  That everyone has something to bring to your life. 
And sometimes other relationships in your life are nothing like you thought they were.   Sometimes you thought they were more important than the other person, and the deflating moment is when u feel replaced–even worse?–when you’re replaced quickly.  It’s hard on the ego, but nothing that’s not a lesson within itself.   That’s the neat thing about life: in every bad situation there’s a lesson and a tool within that to make you better.
I’m well on my way to making myself better!  Still unsure if I want to go into details, but the next 12 weeks will bring incredible changes–a glimpse of who I really am/the old me, the confidence in myself to never make the same mistakes again with myself or others, and I’m bringing back the girl that can take over the world: so you better watch out!
The past week held lessons learned.   This week starts changes made!

Favorite Jeans

Today has brought another realization about life.  There are so many people that we come in contact with.  So many that are meant to be in your life for just a part of it.  Then there are others that are there throughout.  These are the people that you couldn’t have possibly guessed would be so during the younger days of cliques, popularity contests, and other discriminations school years tend to bring. 
I find that with older age brings with it a deeper vision of life.  I find with these certain relationships, that looks are triumphed by a stronger sense of connection.  10 years (or in some cases 15) brings so much with it.  Yet these are the relationship that no matter how much time has passed either in general or in between contact with each other, it always feels like a favorite pair of jeans-Familiar, worn, casual, forgiving. 
There are still times that in amoungst tending to kidlet, working, laundry, dishes, cleaning, making jewelry, blogging, and spreading my perspective simply with a goal to recieve a “WTF look”–I still get lonely.  But today has served as a great reminder that I don’t need to feel that way.   Yes, daytime contact with friends can lack from time to time, but my constants are always there if/when needed. –And the best part is that I don’t have to get all gussied-up to prep to see them.  They take me as I am no matter what.   I hope they know that the same goes for me…always and forever.
And to them, I owe a huge “thank you.” 

The Art of Shutting Up

What a bunch of days it’s been…..We went out Saturday night with some of the staff at Camp.  I keep a low profile around here (surprisingly) because this is my home and where my hubby works….so I like to keep my distance to preserve the home feel for me.
Many of the staff have worked here for a couple of years now, so it was funny when I was introducing myself around to hear, “You ARE real!”  Many of the staff had convinced themselves that my husband had been lying about being married and that I was a blow-up doll.  We had a hellofa night.  It was great and the first REAL fun I’ve had in awhile.
New things were discovered in old relationships in the past few days as well.  My only problem is that I’m too damn curious and haven’t mastered the art of shutting up.  It’s because of this fault and I’m a proverbial “Bull in a China Shop.”  Someone have a permanent foot I can insert in my mouth before I break anything MAJOR?  I’d appreciate it.
I also learned that Lieney’s “Summer Shandy” beer tastes like Pine Sol mixed with beer.  More Pine Sol than beer really….not recommended by me.  Neither is a shot of Honey Wild Turkey.  BAHHHHH!  Stupid staff…they’re such a bad influence on me…which is why a repeat is in order for this Saturday. 🙂