Ummm… WOW!

Secondhand Serenade – Vulnerable

I stumbled across this song after hearing “Fall For You” on XM Flight 26.  I hope this gets released!!!!!!

Fall Features and All Time Faves

I thought this morning in amongst this dreary day and the snow that’s expected, I would take a minute to review some of my Fall Faves.
First, the up-and-coming British singer, Adele.  I LOVE the sound of her voice, and seeing her this morning on CBS, I was impressed with her interview as she conveyed her confidence in not caring what people think of her singing and/or image.  Hands down, I’m a fan.

Adeles Album 19

Adele's Album "19"

Another fave is another up-and-coming artist, who is already big in Australia: Lenka.  At first listen of her song, “The Show” I was hooked.  That song actually made it to my cell as a Ring-tone, which in it’s own right, is a “Hall of Fame” of sorts:

Lenkas Debut Album Lenka

Lenka's Debut Album "Lenka"

Also, a new fave of mine is Leona Lewis.  Her voice too, is very unique and distinctive.  I was a fan of “Bleeding Love” when it came out, but I love “Better With Time” even more.  If there’s such thing as a #1 Break-Up song in the world, that would be it.  It doesn’t take a “victim role” and beautifully portrays how life goes on.  LOVE IT!

Leona Lewiss Album Spirit

Leona Lewis's Album "Spirit"

These three artists have a “Coffee House” kinda feel to them and although it may not be trendy, it’s still a sound I LOVE!  I’m hoping to get these 3 albums for the car, because as much as I love the XM in the car, they don’t have an all-Adele channel, an all-Lenka channel, or an all-Leona Lewis channel….yet.

Other artists & music that I’m a fan of are:
Gavin Rossdale “Love Remains the Same”
Blind Melon
Blink 182
Colbie Caillat
Collective Soul
Counting Crows
Dave Matthews Band
Five For Fighting
Gin Blossoms
Goo Goo Dolls
Green Day
Gwen Stefani -“The Sweet Escape” which kidlet now sings to.  The “Oooh ooooohs”
Hootie and the BlowFish
Jack Johnson
Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”
Katy Perry!
Lisa Loeb “Stay”–an all-time fav!
Maroon 5
Matchbox 20
Matt Nathanson “Come on Get Higher”
Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”
O.A.R “Shattered”
Puddle of Mudd “We Don’t Have to Look Back Now”
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rob Thomas “Little Wonders”
Sara Bareilles!
Sarah Mclachan “U Want Me 2”
Sublime “What I Got”
The Spill Canvas “All Over You”
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Tom Cochrane “Life is a Highway”
Uncle Kracker “Follow Me”

These songs were taken from the XM Channel Flight 26’s play-list.  They play more, but these are my faves.  I guess my taste is modern hits, but I love some 90’s thrown in there too.
All I know, is that I have to have my music!  🙂

You Want What?

Wow, what a day.  We were busy at the Floral Shop, but my head wasn’t there.  It was around the world, thinking about everything, thinking about nothing.  Just one of those days. 
The day was mainly dominated by Funeral work once again.  Then, a gentleman decided that he wanted to send his Girlfriend a Lime Tree for Sweetest Day (which is this weekend…you’re welcome.)  That was fine, it was when he asked me to put fresh flowers in it that I got a little frustrated (although not expressed until AFTER the phone call.)  Oh well, hopefully she was happy.   It was certainly the oddest order I had today.
Sweetest Day is fast fading, I think.  It’s a regional holiday having originated in Milwaukee a long time ago (you like my history lessons?)  It’s mainly known of/celebrated in the Mid-West.  I like to think of it as a Holiday for new couples or guys in the doghouse. 
One poor guy was so lost on what to get his partner.  He asked me what I liked the best.  I gave the “Politically Incorrect” answer–seeing I work in a floral shop–that I like music and jewelry the best.  Luckily, he still bought something from us.  I know I have to watch that, but I’m so…genuine. -Not in an Holyier-than-thou way, but in a what-pops-in-my-head-pops-out-of-my-mouth way.  I need a full time censor I think.  I would keep them busy, that’s for sure.
Then I realized.  Music and jewelry are 2 of most sentimental, LASTING ways of expression.  As I’ve said before, nothing can bring you back to a certain place, or time or person like a certain song–Which I LOVE.  And jewelry can be always with you as a reminder of a sentiment.  So many of my jewelry pieces have a story or history behind them.  I love that too.
Anyway, I digress, but it’s been that sort of day.  I’m off to unwind with a book and some music.

Realize What?

I’m writing in a moment of peace as Hubby has taken Kidlet with him to run an errand.  We had a great 4th of July!  We enjoyed the parade, family, and fireworks. We saw guys in skirts, a deer driving a car and kidlet got see her 1st Fireworks which she did without so much as a peep.  She was great!  Ironically, the guys in skirts freaked her out the most.  You can catch pics here:  
Today is a bit quieter, but we have some friends coming over tonight for a camp fire, which I’m really looking forward to.
I’m stuck in my head today.  Not a great place to be.  I find myself at an unexpected crossroads and I’m stuck in my head weighing the options, the possible consequences…running scenarios…all trying to figure out what’s best.  In this minute, I’m missing my younger days before the adult responsibilities of marriage and kids.  Looking back, I took that time in my WAY too seriously.  I’m in the “Big Leagues” now where every decision matters so much more cause it’s not just you.  Somebody REALLY needs to write a Manual on Navigating the 20’s.  I don’t think I’m qualified to do it just yet.  In the end it boils down to a balancing act between living life and being responsible.  Drat.
On a completely different, and random, note: Can somebody explain the song “Realize” by Colbie Caillat?  Even looking up the lyrics…I don’t get it.  Guess that’s not the only thing I’m not realizing at the moment…. Damn this blonde-ness.

Musical Revolution

If you know me, you know I practically worship music…most every kind, although I’m not a huge fan of Country.  XM’s Flight 26 perfectly fits my musical tastes. 
Anyway, with my passion for music came an iPod collection of roughly 500 songs…carefully chosen and crafted over 2 years.  In a bold mood & move, I ditched my entire collection and started over.  Even more surprisingly no hyperventilating or reaches for the Suicide Hotline took place. 🙂  (I’m proud of myself.)
I’ve been having fun re-doing my collection.  GnR made their way back to the list right away, and I’m LOVING the stuff by Sara Bareilles!!

Sara Bareilles Album \

As always Ben Folds Five Song “Kate” made it back, well, cause I love that song.  And the new stuff by Alanis Morissette is there, although I haven’t listened to that yet.  And Coldplay’s new song “Viva la Vida” was a must….along with U2, cause I’m a huge fan of theirs.   I guess I’m going for the new and funky with old stand-by’s.  
On new iPod List:
Alanis Morissette
Alicia Keys
Amy Winehouse
The Beatles
The Juno Soundtrack
Ben Folds Five
Buck Cherry
Buddy Holly
Colbie Caillat
Dave Matthews Band
Gavin Rossdale
Green Day
Jack Johnson
Leona Lewis
Marie Digby
Maroon 5
Natasha Bedingfield
Norah Jones
Sara Bareilles
Sheryl Crow
Spill Canvas
Tom Petty
Yael Naim
As always I love how music can take you back to a time/place or make you remember a person.  There’s not many things that can accomplish that so easily.
If anyone has any suggestions about other stuff I should add, let’er rip! 
Also, I was hoping to make it to the Dave Matthews Band Concert in Milwaukee Aug. 9th.  I don’t know if that will happen as I don’t want to go/drive alone.  Hubby has to work, but I was hoping for a blow-out summer trip for me.  I guess we’ll have to see.
On the table is also a possible trip to Lac Du Flambeau June 28th to see Carlos Mencia (From Comedy Central).  We’re still deciding on that….I’ll let you know.
In the meantime, drunken fun is to be had tonight.  I apologize in advance.  Enough said. 🙂

Life Lesson #123

I was processing an incoming order at the Floral Shop Monday.  In “other notes” was “Please check time and place of funeral services.  Hello Kate!”  I’m looking around….”God, is that you?”  I look to see where the order came from and it was from the Floral Shop in my hometown that my Grandparents started once-upon-a-time.  It was just a random, odd feeling.  I’m still hoping to move back there and continue my floral career there.  We shall see.
Alanis Morrisette dropped her new CD yesterday.  YAY!!!  I have meant to go and get it, but kidlet has another ear infection, so I haven’t been able to get out, minus the Dr.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I’ve been a big fan of her’s since 1995.–That was a great summer.

Alanis Morrisette\'s New CD

I’m also hoping that GnR will reunite soon.  (No rumors even exist about that one.)  I figure if New Kids on the Block can do it, I can keep hope.
I’m writing tonight feeling like an ass.  (What’s new?…I know)  For anyone that knows me, knows I have a loud, bold personality.  I also live by “If you have a question, ask it.”  I may want to re-think those things.  At the very least I may want to re-think my timing.  If I keep blabbing on I could lose very precious things.  Guess I’ll mark that down as Life Lesson #123. 


Musical Memories

Not much going on at the present moment.  I survived “Black Monday” at the Floral Shop with 3 complaints from Mother’s Day, which is not bad at all considering we literally had hundreds of orders. 
Since then, it’s been housework and dealing with an unusually whiny and clingy kidlet.  Not sure what’s going on there….
In the meantime, I’ve been pondering a lot of things.  One of which is the scariness of the current world.  Maybe it’s just me, but Cyclones, Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Wild Fires….not to mention rising prices on everything and a dramatic increase in the number of hungry people in the world….  Maybe it’s the news trying to get ratings, but this is the first time in my life where I’ve actually felt a little scared watching the news at night. 
On a much lighter note, I’ve also been thinking about how certain songs bring you back in a second to a past time or place.  Even better some songs remind you of someone.  I love this phenomenon.  I love hearing “Gin Blossoms” and being carried back to my parents house and that neighborhood in my mind, or “Shania Twain” (barf) and being taken back to the bathroom on E Floor of Shoemaker Hall at my college.  Songs are so powerful that way.  I love that.
I then got to thinking….I wonder what songs remind people of me?  (yikes)  Maybe it’s best I don’t find out. 
Well, off to get through this afternoon and look forward to the reward of Season Finales on TV.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.