Return To Sender

I know I’ve been lacking in posts recently and I apologize.  However, this month every year brings the stress of decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, working, cleaning, traveling….so that’s where I’ve been. 
To be honest, I’ll be happy when it’s done.  I know that’s a terrible attitude to have, but I’m tired.  I AM happy to report that I’m done with 98% of everything minus the 4 day Christmas World Tour (and by World, I mean WI.) 
Kidlet is providing me with much needed inspiration, smiles and laughter which make these jammed-packed times seem all worth it.  She is an incredible blessing.
It’s odd that I’m finding myself using work as an “escape,” but with the co-workers I have, it’s easy to understand why.  One of them accidentally sent out a stack of Christmas Cards out not only without Return Address Labels but also without Stamps–resulting in various people getting a card that says “Merry Christmas!” –POSTAGE DUE.  We had a great laugh telling her that maybe she’s on to something with the current Recession.   I told her that she should really send apology notes out, also without stamps or return address labels.  She didn’t seem to like that idea.
Otherwise, all is well here.  I promise to resume more regular writing after this whirlwind of Holidays is through.

I’m Not an Addict!

I was starting to slightly worry about the endless hours I’ve spent in the evenings winding-down by flipping through Orchid Auctions on eBay.   I didn’t want to say anything to Hubby, but I was wondering if I was developing a problem.  Thank God for the customers that come into the Floral Shop. 🙂
I got talking to a good customer of ours about her Orchids.  I knew she grew them for years.  What I *didn’t* know was that she has 70.  7-0!!  Without a Greenhouse!  She says she has no room on her kitchen table left, and she said that those 70 plants *didn’t* count her house plants. 
Hearing this, I decided that I don’t have a problem.  And if I do have a problem, satisfying it by window-shopping eBay auctions is okay.  After this weekend, I’ll have a total of 6 and one is being given-away.  That’s okay.
That’s what I have to watch with myself.  When I find something new that I like, I immerse myself in it.  I consume myself in it.  It’s not a matter of getting one or two or just trying something.  I belly-flop into the deep end.  At least I recognize that about myself and thus I can window-shop eBay and be happy with 5 Orchids.  I grow wiser everyday. 😉
It is also an OUTSTANDING mail-week!  I have a new cell phone coming, we’re getting a new credit card (which is actually a good thing), a spring coat for kidlet is on it’s way and my orchids come Saturday.  In the meantime, we’re so caught up on our bills, our mailbox is quite empty.  I guess I should be grateful?…..or Sign up for more catalogs.–I love looking.  Okay.  Maybe I do have a problem…at least it’s a window-shopping problem, and that’s fairly inexpensive.