Straight to Time-Out

jeez, you put a couple of crickets and a night crawler in the microwave and bam! ...straight to time out.

jeez, you put a couple of crickets and a night crawler in the microwave and bam! ...straight to time out.

After last evening, I needed this laugh.  Hubby and I had another “misunderstanding” between us about his work last night.  Saturday we’re due to take kidlet trick-or-treating for the very first time and he has a meeting, that he refuses to even look into missing or rescheduling.   I just selfishly hate all these weekends of being a single-parent and especially ones where he misses big events.  We still have yet to “make-up” from this one.  It’ll come sooner or later…
I also came to a situation in my life where one has to make the classic decision of doing what’s easy or what’s right.  The right thing prevailed, but the quote of “Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy” is the understatement of century.  I need to have a talk with the orginator of that quote.
So, between these 2 things, I’m feeling kinda crappy.  However, here’s a good time to remember “This, Too, Shall Pass.”   Yeah.
In better news I got THE Best Card in the mail yesterday from from my adopted-mom from  @AnnOhio:

listen here you flat chested, broad assed, penciled-in eye browed, tupperware snatchin wench! give me back my deviled egg carrier!

listen here you flat chested, broad assed, penciled-in eye browed, tupperware snatchin' wench! give me back my deviled egg carrier!

Yes, it’s random, but I LOVE IT!  These great cards are brought to you by:  They are so funny!! 
Oh, and THANKS ANN!!!!!

Falling into Another Dream

Two Days after my “Leap of Faith,” I have taken another.  I am once again a college student-of sorts.  This time without the parties and the extra-curricular activities.–Which will probably help A LOT.
My loan payment came in yesterday and last night I signed up with Ashworth University to get my diploma in Floral Design.  It will take me about 6-9 months to complete, but will be completely worth it.  Also, I’m happy that my boss isn’t helping me pay for it (not that she offered).  I simply mean that this is MY education to take anywhere and because I paid for it, I don’t have an obligation to anyone in the future. 
Plus, I can do this no matter what age I am and no matter where life takes us/me.  I’m happy. 

After I finish my Diploma in Floral Design, I’m debating going for my Diploma in Jewelry Design and Repair.  I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. 
On a different note, one of my High School classmates passed away this week at the age of 27.  I never really knew him well.  I just knew of him.  Which is another lesson my new book “Life is a Verb” teaches.  Not to look beyond people or see through them.  It pays to make the effort to get to know them because you never know what they may bring to your life.  Good to know for the present and the future.
Speaking of getting to others, I told my co-workers about my jump Thurs.  One told me that she wouldn’t do it because if she had a little girl and a job she would be worried about hurting herself and not being able to work and who would help with the child.  I don’t know what to think.  I mean, this is the best I’ve felt about my life EVER, and I certainly don’t mean any thoughtlessness towards my family and my Hubby has been cool with us doing what we have.  He’s my partner and if he thought it was irresponsible there is no way I would do it.  In the meantime, I’m left with this question.  Do I hold back and put the things I want to do on hold in order to stay safe for kidlet?  One part of my now feels guilty, but the other part also knows I can be perfectly safe jumping from a 6 Story Tower and perish in a car accident on my way to get groceries.  So, what do you think? 
Finally, here are some pics from our fall here.  Hope you enjoy!

Be Different

Be Different



Kidlet Chasing Rowdy on a Fall Day

Kidlet Chasing Rowdy on a Fall Day


Hubby & I

Hubby & I


Ready to Rock n' Roll

Ready to Rock n' Roll



Can I Get a “Hell Yes”?!?!

The past week hasn’t been great as far as my mood goes.  I’m not a morning person, but somehow this past week, that has been magnified…and has lasted longer and has started to seep into my overall attitude.  I picked up my new book last night “Life is a Verb” and got smacked in the face with a huge “Ah-Ha!” Moment-as Oprah would put it.  
The gist of what was written is that it’s time for us (well, me) to start saying a big “Hell Yes!” to our lives.  You see, I was resenting Kidlet because I was–well, still am sleep deprived because of her lack of sleep at night.  It’s because of her that I’m up at 7:00a.m. rather than being able to lounge in my bed and sleep in to catch on the BADLY NEEDED beauty sleep.  That resentment between her interrupting my sleep and my Hubby pulling extra hours at camp – which turns into added “single-parent” hours for me, was simply turning into anger.  In this small chapter, I realized that it’s time to put my “big girl panties” on and instead of fighting it, just say yes to it.  This is my life.  I might as well enjoy it, even if it’s a hazing half-awake state for the first hour…okay maybe longer.  Being resentful and angry about it isn’t going to stop it, and I can take refuge in knowing that it’s a phase…lasting until I get those tranquilizers in from Canada for kidlet. (Just Kidding!)
“Saying Hell Yes” also means letting go, trying new things, dancing in your car, letting go of judging others, so you care less of what others think of you, renting the red convertible-when needing to rent a car.  It’a about the memories, and those memories are far more memorable when you go with your heart and take the “Path Less Traveled.”  She brought up on of the best points I’ve heard:
“If I recall correctly, the death rate for people who play it safe and for people who live bodly is the same: 100%”

Life is a Verb

Life is a Verb

I’m still responsible having life insurance, and a simple IRA plan, so I haven’t gone completely off the deep end.  I’m just loving this new take on life.  Oh, and if you haven’t gathered by this post, I flippin love this book!

Are Eagles Considered Poultry?

Yesterday was an odd day, but in a happy, surprising way.  Our dog, (who hates baths) wanted one of kidlets bath toys so bad that he climbed in the tub with her.  So, having the good fortune of timing, she was done and I bathed him.  I thought that would teach him a lesson, but tonight he had his nose right back in the tub.  Also, our cat (who is scared of her own shadow) didn’t run away from kidlet, but rather rubbed up against her and let kidlet pet her.  –Who replaced my animals?  And finally, the third small miracle, kidlet picked something off the kitchen floor and put it in the garbage can all on her own.  Okay, for those of you who don’t have kids, this last one makes me sound slow, but she’s only 1 1/2 yrs, old!  This is big.  As if these small miracles couldn’t make me happy enough, I was blessed with today….
What a day!  At the start at my day lied a ton of possibilities.  By this afternoon, I got a plan.  Everything just came together today….as in years of hopes and wishes.  I started this morning having vague desires but no real direction, by 2:00p.m. after talking to my boss, I found out that if I acquired a Diploma of Floristry (which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile) that it would increase my income.–That was the one thing I wasn’t sure of and the one thing that was keeping me on the fence.   Having done some research this past weekend, I have found an on-line program that is on average completed in 6 to 9 months and that is a fraction of the cost of other programs I’ve seen.  Just to be sure, I’ve sent the link to my boss to have her look over the courses to see if it’s just as good.  I also called my Financial Representative and sought advice of taking out a loan against my Simple IRA to fund this.  Under the terms that are unique to me, he advised that it would be okay to do so, considering my age and the fact it’s to further my education and increase my income.  The loan paperwork should be in the mail tomorrow for me.
Also, Hubby and I sat down this passed weekend and hashed out the details of starting my own hand-made jewelry shop…something that would be on-line all year and that we would take to Craft Shows as well.  The BEST NEWS of today, is that I can do this Diploma AND still start jewelry.  I feel on top of the world right now. 
As far as the jewelry goes, I’m getting how-to books in the mail from Amazon this week.  That tells you where I am in this process, but everyone has had to start here.  With Winter around the corner, I could think of a better time to start to learn this art and build inventory.  I’m also incredibly blessed that my Hubby is behind me in both these pursuits.  He’s helping me with the “Black and white” aspect of the business, figuring how much money we’ll need for inventory, etc.  He’s been down this road before with his own business about 10 years ago, (which he literally gave up for this job with the Boy Scouts.)  So, it’s nice to have that experience and support behind me. 
Also, with this Diploma of Floristry, I can take this knowledge with me anywhere.–As in wherever life takes us years from now–as every town usually has a Floral Shop, and although I can’t bet they’re always hiring, this Diploma will make me more employable at a higher rate of pay.  I can also do this job no matter what age I am, which will be great to fall back on in my retirement years.
I sit here in awe at how in a matter of hours everything can come together so quickly and smoothly.  I think I know who I can thank. 🙂

Summon the Choir!

The Heavens opened yesterday and God smiled on me as I finally got the Back Massager I’ve desperately been needing.  It’s a piece of heaven and it gets me feeling normal again without a huge chiropractor bill!  Summon the choir for the Hallelujah Chorus!  Okay, as you can see it doesn’t take much to make me happy.
On a different note, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve found this week of Fall Premieres way less exciting than previous years.  It could be that I’m just not into that many shows anymore…with the exception of tonight.  Hubby and I are big fans of Thursday Night TV on NBC….so tonight is once again Holy.  YAY!  The next night of importance….perhaps tomorrow for the Presidential Debate, but definitely Sunday for “Family Guy” and “Desperate Housewives.”  –Yes, I’ll admit it.  Hubby likes it too, but more-so for the eye-candy.  (Desperate Houswives that is….not Family Guy-Peter is not eye-candy)
I’ve been on another spree of making more paper beads.  Hopefully, I’ll get more pieces of jewelry finished soon.
Kidlet is under the weather today with a cold caught from Day Care.  Work/Day Care tomorrow is up in the air right now pending a fever.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Anyone up for Booger-Wiping Duties? 
I’ve sent Hubby on a mission of purging the house tomorrow.  He has directions that anything we haven’t used or I haven’t asked for, gets pitched.  We need a good purge before the snow flies.  It’s an effort for the house to look better and more clean, especially after all the work I do most days.  I’m looking forward to it.
Finally, we’re also on a mission to find a small dog to add to the family.  NOT A YIPPER THOUGH!  I mean a beagle or a basset hound, etc.  I’m looking forward to that too…and I’ll keep you posted.

Burst my Bubble

Morning.  For all of you holding your breath for amazing Hot Air Balloon Ride pics….exhale.  They’re not here.  Our trip got cancelled/post-poned due to winds.  Now, is the task to reschedule, but I think we might try again in as soon as 2 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.
Hubby and I still took advantage of an overnight babysitter for kidlet and we were going to head to Wausau anyway, but I realized that was kind of pointless seeing that we had just been there and we need to go back this week to pick up our new car.  So, I changed plans and we headed to Minocqua for the afternoon. 
We walked the shops and on the hottest day of the year, I purchased hand knit gloves for me and mittens for kidlet. (–It’s me.  In my world it makes sense.)  We then headed to the Casino for supper and each used $20 in the slots.  It was nice. 
I got home last night to find a message on our machine that Grandpa is in Intensive Care with Pneumonia.  My Grandma expects hum to stay there for a few days yet.  If you’d all keep him in your thought and prayers, I’d appreciate it.
I don’t know what’s on the agenda for today.  Not much, I suppose…afterall, it is a holiday.  I’m keeping an eye on my Grandpa’s situation and debating a trip there this week.  We shall see.

Screwy Anniversary

Wow.  I guess I’ve been married 5 years today.  Doesn’t seem like it.  Some days it feels like forever and some days feels like just yesterday.  It’s been a great 5 years though….full of ups and downs, trips, boredom and curve-balls, arguments and I’m sorry’s.  We can still carry a conversation without saying a word, finish each others sentences and 90% of the time, we’re thinking the exact same thing.  I couldn’t ask for more.
Nothing planned for today to celebrate…but tomorrow we’re celebrating in a big way with a Hot Air Balloon Ride.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s tomorrow.  The weatherman has been busy dashing my hopes for flight tomorrow by putting “Breezy” in the forecast, but looking closer, winds seem good for Sunday Night. YAY!  
Yesterday, Hubby and I had the day together alone by both taking off of work and taking kidlet to Day Care.  We used it by cleaning the house and building raised-bed for a veggie garden next year. (God, I feel old writing that.) BUT–I got to play with power tools!!  

I screwed these!! (You know what I mean) 😛

AND NO INJURIES!  I’m a little sore today, but that’s because I’m a pansy.  Hubby says we have more work to do out there today….somehow, I’m less enthusiastic today. 
Anway, I guess that’s all the news here for the minute.  Hopefully, I will have an OUTSTANDING post for Monday 🙂

Feeling the Vibe

What a great day.  I was hesitant to leave this morning as Kidlet is starting on having Hubby’s cold, but with Hubby’s reassurance, we still took her to her Aunt’s house and headed to Wausau as planned. 
Hubby dropped me off at Barnes & Noble (a.k.a. Heaven) where I met my Best Friend.  From there, we went to McDonald’s and killed at least an hour talking and talking…oh I love how time flies with her.  We then headed to Best Buy where she figured out that a Dyson vacuum cleaner is like paying $400 for a gay guy as it has balls and it sucks.  I guess she’s right, but I still dream of having one.   We did some more meandering while discussing everything and anything….and I do mean anything.  She’s the best person to have the most candid conversations with..without any surprise or missing a beat.  I swear we share a part of our brains. 🙂
After Hubby finished with his meeting, he picked me up and we headed to the Car Dealership.  After 4 hours of looking, driving, loosing hope that we would find anything, waiting, phone calls, and debating, we FINALLY decided on getting one of these:


2009 Pontiac Vibe 🙂

We’re getting a 2009 Pontiac Vibe in Steel Blue.  (I’m female.  Car Shopping is done by color and bells and whistles.)  This doesn’t have a WHOLE lot of Bells and Whistles, but it’s enough for us.  We got the base model, but it’s a nice compromise between the car I wanted and the SUV my Hubby wanted.  It’s great on fuel mileage too.  We’ll be picking it up this next week once the dealership gets it in.  Apparently, they are pretty hot right now.  I suppose it having a Toyota Engine might have something to do with that. 🙂
Tomorrow, Hubby and I both have off work and it was supposed to be the first day we got together in 4 months.  However, my best guess is that kidlet may run a fever in the morning, (judging by today) which means no Day Care for her tomorrow.  We shall see.   She’s teething and  has a cold.  Oh God, pray for me. 😉

Narcoleptic Living…..Zzzzz

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few.  Not much going on, just daily life.  Kidlet is having a hard time sleeping at night, even with letting her cry it out.  Guess I will have to consider taking Kidlet to the Dr…in case it’s heartburn or something like that.  In the meantime, surviving on sleep deprivation is getting old. 
I’m enjoying some time off of work as I write this.  Hubby and I both took Friday off of work, and we’ll enjoy the first day together (as in “just us”) in four months, as Kidlet will go to Day Care that day.  I’m pretty excited.  With having Friday off, and Monday being a Holiday, I don’t have to be back in the shop until next Friday.  Yay!
Tomorrow is a trip to Wausau.  Hubby has a meeting there, and he’ll drop me off at Barnes & Noble where I will meet my best friend and hang out for a bit.  After 12:00p.m. Hubby will pick me up and we’ll head to the car dealership and possibly trade in our ’05 Grand Am in an effort to get lower monthly payments.  We’ll see.  I’m not sure what we have going on Saturday, but pending good weather, our Hot Air Balloon Ride is Sunday!!!!!!!  I’m so exited!!  I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, as the weather forecast calls for Sunday to be breezy, but a girl can still hope. 🙂
Anyway, I have some more pics of my gorgeous Orchid…as it’s ALL in Bloom now!  Enjoy!




Tequila Breakfast

Yesterday work was full of unpacking and pricing Christmas Merchandise.  No, that’s not a typo.  Thankfully, we’re not putting it out yet.  In any case, it was day I came home especially dirty and feeling like I was covered in Chinese Warehouse Dust.  Yuck. 
On a different note, I would like to thank Day Care for apparently teaching kidlet the words “No” and “Why.”  There are no words to express my gratitude.  *Please sense the sarcasm here* 
I’m fast finding out that Tequila is a good friend of mine on Camp Fire nights.  Tequila MIXED with something is a good friend of mine.  Alone, well, it tastes like butt.–Just trust me.  Anyway, I’m finding that it’s a mix that loosens me up with no after-affects the next morning.  Thank you God!
I have always had a fondness for breakfast.  I never realized how much however, until I found myself in a babbling ramble to my husband last night on how I miss “weekend breakfasts” and how going 10 weeks without them is too much.  Hubby humored me by asking what I would like, and with the help of my friend Tequila, I think I listed 50 things.  Again, at the time it was perfectly reasonable.  Looking back, maybe I asked for a little too much.  At least I’m in a moment of life, that in a “tipsy ramble” the biggest subject in my life is breakfast.
Today has been slow.  Hubby and I are fairly tired because we’re getting old and we pay dearly for any night that we stay up late.  I have managed to get most of my stuff done today, and grocery shopping done.  Tonight will hopefully bring an early bedtime for kidlet so I can wrap some gifts, paint, and get some TV time in….uninterrupted, that is.
Tomorrow, we head to my hometown for my God Son’s Baptism.  After the Baptism is a get-together and then we’ll stop to see my parents.  It will be a long day, but a good one.

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