Grand Impatience

I didn’t get a chance to re-cap this weekend yet, mainly because I was too tired last night.  So, here goes:
Saturday we laid low and had a good day.  Sunday, we went to my hometown for the Baptism of my God Son, and to see my parents. 
The Baptism was beautiful and as always, it was so good to see Nicole and Si and their families.  It was great seeing the parents I kind of grew up with in High School now interacting with their Grand kids.  They were pushing them on bikes, carrying them around, playing with them and marveling at them.  It was so good to see the pride in their eyes.  It was what family feels like.
We went to my parents after, and in contrast, I noticed a difference.  I know they love kidlet just as much, but they don’t get to see her as often so that level of comfort mentioned in the previous paragraph isn’t there yet.   I won’t lie, I was disappointed.  I e-mailed my dad about it when I got home because it was bugging me so much.  He replied with an excellent e-mail in return, explaining that he wanted to give her space to warm up to him, etc.  I understood then.  I just hope it gets to a point where they can play ball together or color, or walk around and point things out to her.  It will take a few more visits, and I know it will happen.  I just feel the void more than normal, because in lieu of my mom’s death and despite the step-grandkids my dad has, I want him to love Grace enough for both him and my mom and I know that’s not fair.  I do know that is his only blood grandchild–and as of now will probably remain his only blood-grandchild, so I’m anxious for them to be close.  I guess I’ll add that to my secret Christmas list. 
In other news, yesterday work was slow, but went quickly.  I’m so lucky to have the co-workers I have, because I can tell them my problems and in this case, they can explain things from my dad’s point of view (as they’re older and have grandkids of their own.)  They also help me work through things to get to the heart of the matter.  They are such a blessing!  They understand and don’t judge and give new points of view.  Usually, you have to pay for help like that. LOL 
Today, we’re laying low.  Kidlet’s not feeling well, so hopefully she’ll rest more today.  My stuff is mostly done at the moment.  I’ll wait to fold laundry tonight.  Boy my life is eventful! 😉