I got a good dose of reality today, which is always welcomed and rewarding.  I have the eternal flaw of having a short attention span, and I really do hate it.  Furthermore, I’m a micro-manager…which I think is a nice term for “controlling.”  And it’s funny because as much faith as I have and as much as that faith has been tested and has always prevailed, it’s the first thing I forget when it comes to me.  I’m so busy trying to stay in control that I forget the very lesson that I’m NOT in control, that I DON’T know what’s best for me and that only God does.  *looking up* Sorry about that….my bad. 
So, I’ve once again been reminded by something that remains a bit less hurtful than a lightning bolt, that if it hasn’t happened in my life, it wasn’t supposed to and I can try and plan my future out the minute, but it won’t mean anything, because God will still over-ride it if need be.  For a long time, I’ve been okay with this, have embraced it and have even looked forward to it.  It’s just when my selfish ego takes over, wants something it hasn’t gotten and thinks it deserves that I forget all that I already have.  A stern private conference with myself in the car ride home today (be grateful you weren’t there) slapped me in the face and I reminded myself that’s I’m very well living the reward right now for surviving the tumultuous years of my childhood.  God knows best.  He always has.  He always will.  I’m sorry for forgetting that.

A Chat With God

After the previous weekend there was no way I could go out again, so Hubby and I did a BBQ at our house last night with the Camp Staff that we have been going out with.  It was nice and relaxing.  Everyone around the Campfire discussing various things.  No sitter was needed, which is also a plus.  I think it’s something that we will do more often.
We somehow got on the subject of God and what He might be like.  I told “Moose” (yes, that’s his nickname) that if God was anything like him, I would sit and BullShit with him for awhile.  Yes, I know God is obviously powerful and reverent, but what if He’s also grounded?  Meaning, after your review of your life and the deep talk that follows, what if you get to just sit next to Him while He says in His deep God voice, “Hehe, watch this!” as He pushes the big red God button that we all dream of.   God must have a sense of humor like that.  Afterall, he did make me.  Yeah, I’m looking forward to that chat.

The Red Button

On a different note, I was up half the night trying to cough up a lung.  I’ve already decided that if tonight is like last night, no work for me tomorrow, BUT back to the Dr.  The Antibiotics she gave aren’t cutting it.  My ears don’t hurt, but I still can’t hear much.  We shall see.
First day of Campers is here.  (boo!)  Hubby is working 7 days a week now for at least the next 10 weeks.  I just hope it goes fast. 


They Deep Fry BACON Now?????

I should be in bed. I’m not. And I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow.  I’m one of those people that needs lots of sleep. 
Instead, I’m sitting here eating cereal watching a show on the Travel Channel about fried food.  Somehow, this is my life, and I’m great with it.  Did you know they batter and deep fry bacon now???  It’s wrong on so many levels….
I do have a new object of lust in my life.  Meet ‘Rainbow’

Blc. Lawless Zauberflote ‘Rainbow’

Gorgeous, isn’t she?  I think I may have to have her.  (Greedy aren’t I?)

This morning: Sorry, I got a fatal error last night and didn’t care to go back.   Instead, I went to bed, but still didn’t fall asleep till 11:00.  Damn you, Mt. Dew!
Kidlet woke up at 4:30a.m.  Although she didn’t stay awake, I woke up bargaining with God saying, “Don’t you think 4:30a.m. is a LITTLE excessive to have the sun start coming up?”  I quickly followed it with a chorus of “What do I know?  I’m just the little guy.” –So I don’t have to worry about getting hit by lightning today.
I fell asleep with a strong new idea in my head.  “What is love?”  I realized love is when you send your hubby to the store with “cups” and “dental floss” on the list and he comes back with cups in your favorite color and the exact brand and flavor of dental floss you use.  It’s the small stuff.  It’s letting me sleep in at least one day during the weekend.  It’s making supper most nights.  It’s him going garage saleing to a few sales I can’t make on a Friday morning because I have to work.  I went to sleep last night realizing that I’m pretty damn lucky.  I also went to sleep grateful that I realized this without something bad happening first to trigger it.  I don’t say it enough…thank you.
On a completely different note….we got a bag-less vacuum cleaner.  I’m not sure about it.  With pets in the house it’s a bit like spinning really dirty cotton candy.  It works great, I just don’t like touching the result.  Hmmm….
Okay, off to start my day.  My chores are mostly done at least.   Lots of rain expected tonight.  I love rain.