Grand Impatience

I didn’t get a chance to re-cap this weekend yet, mainly because I was too tired last night.  So, here goes:
Saturday we laid low and had a good day.  Sunday, we went to my hometown for the Baptism of my God Son, and to see my parents. 
The Baptism was beautiful and as always, it was so good to see Nicole and Si and their families.  It was great seeing the parents I kind of grew up with in High School now interacting with their Grand kids.  They were pushing them on bikes, carrying them around, playing with them and marveling at them.  It was so good to see the pride in their eyes.  It was what family feels like.
We went to my parents after, and in contrast, I noticed a difference.  I know they love kidlet just as much, but they don’t get to see her as often so that level of comfort mentioned in the previous paragraph isn’t there yet.   I won’t lie, I was disappointed.  I e-mailed my dad about it when I got home because it was bugging me so much.  He replied with an excellent e-mail in return, explaining that he wanted to give her space to warm up to him, etc.  I understood then.  I just hope it gets to a point where they can play ball together or color, or walk around and point things out to her.  It will take a few more visits, and I know it will happen.  I just feel the void more than normal, because in lieu of my mom’s death and despite the step-grandkids my dad has, I want him to love Grace enough for both him and my mom and I know that’s not fair.  I do know that is his only blood grandchild–and as of now will probably remain his only blood-grandchild, so I’m anxious for them to be close.  I guess I’ll add that to my secret Christmas list. 
In other news, yesterday work was slow, but went quickly.  I’m so lucky to have the co-workers I have, because I can tell them my problems and in this case, they can explain things from my dad’s point of view (as they’re older and have grandkids of their own.)  They also help me work through things to get to the heart of the matter.  They are such a blessing!  They understand and don’t judge and give new points of view.  Usually, you have to pay for help like that. LOL 
Today, we’re laying low.  Kidlet’s not feeling well, so hopefully she’ll rest more today.  My stuff is mostly done at the moment.  I’ll wait to fold laundry tonight.  Boy my life is eventful! 😉

Tequila Breakfast

Yesterday work was full of unpacking and pricing Christmas Merchandise.  No, that’s not a typo.  Thankfully, we’re not putting it out yet.  In any case, it was day I came home especially dirty and feeling like I was covered in Chinese Warehouse Dust.  Yuck. 
On a different note, I would like to thank Day Care for apparently teaching kidlet the words “No” and “Why.”  There are no words to express my gratitude.  *Please sense the sarcasm here* 
I’m fast finding out that Tequila is a good friend of mine on Camp Fire nights.  Tequila MIXED with something is a good friend of mine.  Alone, well, it tastes like butt.–Just trust me.  Anyway, I’m finding that it’s a mix that loosens me up with no after-affects the next morning.  Thank you God!
I have always had a fondness for breakfast.  I never realized how much however, until I found myself in a babbling ramble to my husband last night on how I miss “weekend breakfasts” and how going 10 weeks without them is too much.  Hubby humored me by asking what I would like, and with the help of my friend Tequila, I think I listed 50 things.  Again, at the time it was perfectly reasonable.  Looking back, maybe I asked for a little too much.  At least I’m in a moment of life, that in a “tipsy ramble” the biggest subject in my life is breakfast.
Today has been slow.  Hubby and I are fairly tired because we’re getting old and we pay dearly for any night that we stay up late.  I have managed to get most of my stuff done today, and grocery shopping done.  Tonight will hopefully bring an early bedtime for kidlet so I can wrap some gifts, paint, and get some TV time in….uninterrupted, that is.
Tomorrow, we head to my hometown for my God Son’s Baptism.  After the Baptism is a get-together and then we’ll stop to see my parents.  It will be a long day, but a good one.

Who needs Shrinks and Doctors?

It’s been a long few days, but also very enriching.  Hubby and I were up until midnight Tuesday night discussing us.  It’s probably one of the best conversations we’ve had during our marriage and I have walked away actually feeling that our marriage is stronger than ever.  Don’t get me wrong, the external forces around here are still difficult, but my confidence that we’ll make it is 100%.
I got to spend yesterday with my best friend, (the day after her surgery).  I thought we would hang at her house while I took care of her, but she wanted to go out and play.  So, we went to Abbotsford for breakfast, then on to Marshfield to a coffee shop, the mall and Target.  It’s probably one of the best days I’ve had in 17 mos.  It was so good to take 2 hours to eat a meal.  It was so good to talk about anything and everything.  It was so good to just be me for a few hours.  I think it was what we BOTH needed.  I know I did.
I intended to swing by Nicole and Si’s after to see my God Son, however we met by chance at the local gas station instead.  Their son, Marshall, is SOOO CUTE!  We’ll all be getting together again Aug. 10th as that his Baptism.  I’m excited!
Today is back to the grind, which is okay too as tomorrow is back to work and Day Care for kidlet and I.  Today’s mission is to launder the bedding.  It’s in progress, but not done yet.  It’ll get there.   
I was hoping to pick Strawberries this weekend with Hubby & kidlet, but I fear we missed Strawberry season by a mere week.  So, I’m not exactly sure what we’ll do yet.  It’ll figure itself out I suppose.

Guess the next color of the crap I cough up

I’m home sick today playing, “Guess the next color of the crap I cough up.”  Yeah, I don’t envy me either.   Otherwise, I’m doing well.  I’m secretly hoping Hubby and I can lay-low this weekend and relax.  Tonight, if all works out we’ll watch “Clerks” and enjoy some take out.  Tomorrow, he has to work until about noon, and then I have no idea what’s going on.   Hopefully nothing.  What can I say?  I’m getting old.
Nicole and Si and their new baby boy, Marshall, (my God Son) are all doing great and resting at home today.  I still can’t believe that poor girl had 29 hours of labor.  I promise to never complain about my delivery again.  Damn.  She’s sore, but doing well.  Things are going to be great for them.
One of my best friends on Twitter ( (and my adopted-mom) is realizing her dreams.  She visited Texas 5 years ago, and promised herself in 5 years she would live there.  As of today, she landed a new job there.  I’m so excited for her!  She’s an inspiration and example of how anyone can achieve their dreams!  Congrats @AnnOhio!  
Well, off to pick up kidlet from Daycare and resume Mom duties.

I’m a God Mother!

My God Son arrived at 1:06a.m. this morning. He was 8 lbs. 1oz. and 19″ long.   My friend had 29 hours of labor and a natural birth, so I’m not going to complain about my delivery anymore.  Yikes! 
They are all doing wonderfully and resting well.  I just had to share the great news!
Off to knit! Yay!

Don’t Throw the Potatoes!

It took an act of God, but I FINALLY got to catch-up on some sleep yesterday.  I think this may be the first time in 16 mos. or so.  So, I’m actually feeling pretty darn good.  Now, if those damn Housekeeping Fairies would show up, I could die happy.
I’ve discovered that no amount of warnings could ever exist to prepare for when your kid starts to walk and gets good at it.  Wow. 
“Don’t throw the potatoes!”
“Get off the Kitchen Table!”
“Don’t walk in the bathtub!”
“How did you get up there?”
“Don’t play with the soda cans!”
These have all been added to my vocabulary.  She impresses/scares the hell out of me everyday. 🙂

Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot that’s new.  Our next big event is at the end of August, so until then I’m back to making fun of everyday life.  It works.
No word on if I have a God Son yet.  She was due the 10th…poor thing.  I’ve suggested 4-wheeler rides, mowing their bumpy yard and having sex to try and help.  Still nothing.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep knitting his monkeys.  *shrug*

Check Please!

Hmmm…where to start today.   Well, yesterday was bloody hot, even hotter in the greenhouse and work was D-E-A-D Dead.  Our boss let us take a 2 hour lunch instead of a 1 hour lunch in lieu of the quietness.  That actually put me in a pepredicament.  The electrician was at the house working on our panel (whatever that is) and we didn’t have power.  So.  2 hours to myself, no kidlet, and unable to go home.  Hmmmmmm…
I deposited my paycheck, and went to a local sit-down restaurant figuring they’d let me stay for awhile and I’d save all that gas money by not going home and back into town. 
All was going well.  I was texting my best friend and enjoying my fish sandwich.  I then went to shake the ketchup bottle for my fries.  That’s when I discovered (all too late) that some bastard didn’t screw the cap on tightly.  There I was, alone in a public restaurant covered in ketchup.  My face, my neck, my shirt, my cell, the table, the wall, and probably some places I didn’t discover.  Sonofa&$*! 
I cleaned up as fast as I could with the 2 small used napkins I had, and then realized that I HAD to go home to change shirts.  Otherwise I would go back to work looking like I was 3 and couldn’t feed myself.  Yikes. 
So: Lunch $10
20 miles round trip to my home and back to work = The price of my soul
But, I got a new shirt and little of my dignity back. 
It just wasn’t my day.
Camp Staff invited us out last night, but we told them they were stupid for going to a bar on the weekend that Country Fest is going on here.  (which holds 25,000 people per day.) 
So, we had them over for a campfire.  About 12:00a.m. severe weather rolled through.  We were well aware of it coming, so the fire wrapped up about 11:00p.m. when the warning was issued.  I was secretly happy because it meant I got to bed at a decent time. 😛 
As for the storm, it did weaken right before it got here, so we just picked up a 1/4″ of rain and some wind.  Nonetheless, hubby still had to go out and round up scouts like cattle to get them to storm shelters.  Got to love summer!

As for today, the Hot Air Balloon Rally is this afternoon/evening. 
Breezy conditions are expected, so keep your fingers crossed that it’s still a go!  (Pleaassee!)
Our friends just confirmed this morning that they will be joining us for our Hot Air Balloon Ride Aug. 31st.  YAY!!!!!!!!!! 
She was due to have their baby the 10th (my Godson) but he’s not here yet.  Rrrrrr.  I don’t wait well……. Patience is NOT my forte.  I’ll keep you posted though!

Up, Up & AWAY!!!

IT’S OFFICIAL.  OUR HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE IS SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST 31ST!  THE DEPOSIT IS DOWN!  IT’S A GO!!!!!!  YAY!  Another dream coming true!  I really don’t think I could ask for a better husband than the one I have.  He’s up for anything and believes anything is possible.  He’s amazing.  Without him, I wouldn’t be doing 1/2 of these things.
I think this may be the best summer in a REALLY long time.  We haven’t done anything extravagant, but trips to the park with kidlet, or our weekly get-togethers with friends and cook-outs are really making the summer FEEL like summer.  I’m LOVING it!–Sorry McDonald’s for ripping that off…
The Hot Air Balloon Rally is this weekend, which I’m especially exicted to bring my camera to.  (Yes, I’m aware of my geek status, and I’m okay with it.)  Look out Flickr!!– come next Tues., I’ll be testing it’s server capacity. 😀
Also, my God Son is due TOMORROW!!!!  I’m so freaking excited!!!!!  I have someone to knit for for the rest of my life!  Also, we have it worked out that we’ll be doing an arranged marriage between kidlet and him…okay, not really, but the thought of it makes me excited.

Home Sweet Home

Today there was a Baby Shower for my God Son that brought me back to my hometown.  I got in early and stopped by my parents.  We had a nice time visiting and then it was off to the Shower.  That also was a good time, even though Kidlet wanted to spend the majority of it walking (with my help.)  I found out she likes pineapple, blueberries and cantaloupe today.  (Thanks Buffet!)
The best part of my day was the drive right after that back through my hometown.  It drew up feelings of Homesickness for the 1st time since I left in 2002.  My heart is telling I belong back there.  That’s a welcome feeling considering my husband is open to the idea in a couple of years.  We’ll need a couple of years to prepare anyway.  What I’m even more excited about is how my heart/gut is leading me to new ideas, new goals and new dreams.  Furthermore, I’m excited that my gut is telling me it’s obtainable. 
On the same note, I’m getting a phone call tomorrow on this subject. (More details to come later.)  Look out future!  Here I come!
“Some believe in Destiny and some believe in Fate.  I believe that Happiness is something we Create.  You best believe I’m not gonna wait!” -Sugarland