Merry Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!  I ironically spent mine stringing Christmas lights on trees, putting together another tree, hanging ornaments, etc.  Tis’ the Season!
I got off work an hour early to pick up kidlet to go Trick-or-Treating.  She had gone once during daycare, but we still had to make the rounds to Grandma & Grandpa and Auntie.  So, I picked her up, took her home, got her dressed, gathered our things and left.  Went to Grandma & Grandpa’s, then went around the block to Auntie’s, then further around the block back to Grandma & Grandma’s.  There, we found that Grandpa had gone back into the woods, so we took Grandma out to eat.  Upon finishing dinner, we dropped Grandma off back at their house and did a major grocery shopping trip.  After getting home and unloaded, we got kidlet to sleep and I squeezed in a work-out and a shower.  I’m tired.
The Hot Air Balloon Company called my cell during work asking if we would like to try to go again as this weekend’s weather is looking really nice.  A few phone calls made and a few phone calls returned, it looks like we’ll be trying again tomorrow night.  Keep your finger’s crossed!  Grandma is kind enough to take kidlet over-night Saturday, so that should be nice.
Sunday we’ll be heading to my hometown to see kidet’s other Grandparents and attend the Halloween Parade.  My parents are planning on having lunch for us, which means an early kidlet pick-up and road-trip.  A busy weekend indeed!
I don’t really have anything witty or thought-provoking today.  Weariness has taken all of those thoughts hours ago. 

Our Lil Princess

Our Lil' Princess


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Full of Hot Air

Well….it was fun.  Kinda.  We got the go-ahead for our Hot Air Balloon Ride yesterday.  We headed to Wausau, ate an early supper and met our friends who went with us.  We got to the site, signed our lives away and got to the balloon launching site.  We watched them unpack it, and blow it up.  My excitement was brewing while Nicole’s nervousness was boiling.  We got into the basket and the winds picked up.  We got jostled around the basket pretty good, and fifteen minutes into the winds not letting up, we had to quit.  We have to reschedule for a 4th time.  This time is for the morning of Oct. 19th.  Pray for us.  
In the meantime, here are the pics to prove we were at least there:






Despite, the disappointment, we still managed to have a good time, so it wasn’t a complete waste.  We’ll just try it again!

Boxed In at Camp Wannacocktail

Yesterday was one of the slowest days I can remember at work in a long time.  My 2 co-workers made a day of organizing the Box Room.  Yeah, it was bad.  I cleaned, and left an hour early, took kidlet home and played outside with her. 
This past week has been really rough with kidlet getting up 4-5 times a night.  Last night, I made the first effort to put an end to all of that and did some “Tough Love” by letting her cry it out.  It took about an hour, but she went back to sleep.  Hopefully, tonight is better.
Last night was the last night of Camp Wannacocktail at our house for the year with some of the camp staff.  It was a good time.  There was a late-night run to Taco Bell.  There was laughter, and mooing in Taco Bell…mainly by me… (and a gratefulness that I don’t have to worry about dating anymore.)  It was good to just let my hair down.  As sad as I am that everyone leaves today, I’m okay with it too, because I’m getting way too old to stay up late anymore.  Will someone pass me my walker please?  Thanks. 
With this sad news is the GREAT news that this is the last day of Scouts in Camp for the summer!!!!!  YAY!!!  I have my 1100 acres of yard back!!!  I’m free!!!!  *insert image of me frolicking here* –Sorry.
It will be a few more days before things REALLY calm back to normal, but I’ll take it. 🙂

Crystal and I 🙂


The Camp Wannacocktail Gang



Tony and I 🙂

Tequila Breakfast

Yesterday work was full of unpacking and pricing Christmas Merchandise.  No, that’s not a typo.  Thankfully, we’re not putting it out yet.  In any case, it was day I came home especially dirty and feeling like I was covered in Chinese Warehouse Dust.  Yuck. 
On a different note, I would like to thank Day Care for apparently teaching kidlet the words “No” and “Why.”  There are no words to express my gratitude.  *Please sense the sarcasm here* 
I’m fast finding out that Tequila is a good friend of mine on Camp Fire nights.  Tequila MIXED with something is a good friend of mine.  Alone, well, it tastes like butt.–Just trust me.  Anyway, I’m finding that it’s a mix that loosens me up with no after-affects the next morning.  Thank you God!
I have always had a fondness for breakfast.  I never realized how much however, until I found myself in a babbling ramble to my husband last night on how I miss “weekend breakfasts” and how going 10 weeks without them is too much.  Hubby humored me by asking what I would like, and with the help of my friend Tequila, I think I listed 50 things.  Again, at the time it was perfectly reasonable.  Looking back, maybe I asked for a little too much.  At least I’m in a moment of life, that in a “tipsy ramble” the biggest subject in my life is breakfast.
Today has been slow.  Hubby and I are fairly tired because we’re getting old and we pay dearly for any night that we stay up late.  I have managed to get most of my stuff done today, and grocery shopping done.  Tonight will hopefully bring an early bedtime for kidlet so I can wrap some gifts, paint, and get some TV time in….uninterrupted, that is.
Tomorrow, we head to my hometown for my God Son’s Baptism.  After the Baptism is a get-together and then we’ll stop to see my parents.  It will be a long day, but a good one.

Oh Look, a Kitty!

**The Title Denotes the ADD Nature of this Post**

It’s funny how the loss of an object can drive a person insane.  This morning our TV remote is MIA.  I’m going nuts.  It now takes me 5 mins. to change the channel plus I have to get up…a travesty, I know!  I even went as far as to text our company from last night to see if they hid it on us as a joke.  Nope.  But think for a moment:  Wouldn’t that be the perfect crime?  Going to someone’s house and just swiping their remote.  That’s enough to drive ANYONE nuts I think.  So, I guess if anyone is looking to pull a prank, there’s probably one of the best.  I’m evil.



I love campfire nights.  I’m not always up for them during the day, as it requires cleaning and prep, but come nightfall when company is here and we’re laughing so hard drinks are being shot out of our noses, it’s well worth it.  This week brought our best man from our wedding whom we hadn’t seen in 5 years and another good friend of ours.  I love relationships where even in the extreme case of having 5 years passed, there’s no guilt, no awkwardness and you can pick right up where you left off.  There’s very few relationships like that in life.
One of the many topics pondered last night was the show “Life Goes On” and the character, Corkey.  I got to wondering if while casting for that part, if people got discriminated against because they weren’t disabled. Hmmmm..

I also have a new love affair with grass.  As in lawn…the legal stuff.  I realized that it’s been quite awhile since I lived anywhere where I could walk barefoot through the grass.  We re-did our backyard this year and I’m thoroughly enjoying the soft grass on my bare toes without the worry of “pickers.”  It doesn’t take much to amuse me.
Also, as of last night, I have another new love affair with Newman’s Own Medium Pineapple Salsa.  I’m pretty sure I could roll around in the stuff.  (Sorry for that mental image.)  It’s amazing.  That’s all there is to say about it.

Summertime Hallelujah

Sorry I’ve been so quiet on-line for the past few days…as odd as it is to say, I guess I’ve been getting down to the business of living.  I’ve been savoring morning cartoons with kidlet, enjoying the 1/2 hour with her spent coloring at the kitchen table, I’ve been loving watching her walk around the backyard and throw the ball for Rowdy.  I’ve also been enjoying the evening post-kidlet just watching TV next to Hubby while holding hands.  I’ve taken “old” roses home from work and have made a point to enjoy them everyday….hence the 50 or so pictures of them. 
It’s been a rough few weeks here.  Swept up by work, and emotions, and confusion.  But as the dust settles, my world here is clearer, my marriage stronger, and my zest for life refreshed. 
I know I’ve said it before, but I feel I’m enjoying this summer more than others.  I think it’s because I’m taking time and making a point to do so.  I know in at least the last 5 summers I would be driving to work, noticing the leaves changing on a tree branch and wondering where the summer went.  This year has been delightfully different.  I’ve realized that summer is wrapped up in sundresses, festivals, days spent with best friends, corn on the cob, watermelon, bbq’s and lemonade.  It’s in pictures of sunsets, incoming storms, friends and your kid in a pool or at the park.  As in any season, it’s about the moment.  Enjoying the moment and capturing that moment.  But for that to happen, an effort has to be made and as simple as a concept as that is, I think this is the first summer in a long time, that I “get” that.  Hallelujah.




In the Garden

In the Garden


Roses from work

Roses from work


Loving the Park!

Loving the Park!





Our ALOONminum Loon made for us by our friends who melted down our TV antenna that blew off our roof.  It's me. Are you really surprised?

Our ALOONminum Loon made for us by our friends who melted down our TV antenna that blew off our roof. It's me. Are you really surprised?

McLovin Saturday

How could I forget this?  Last night while at the “Creative Arts Walk” I must have touched a soap or lotion or something, because I was on the way home from the grocery store/liquor store, I noticed that my right hand smelled like guys cologne.  It was a bit baffling to think that I was completely sober and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how only my right hand smelled like a guy.  Welcome to my life.
This morning has been very good.  We went to the Farmer’s Market, the park, McD’s, and then saw the Budweiser Clidesdales.  They’re going to parade around downtown this morning, and stop at bars to deliver cases of beer.  I think they should add to the whole “parade” thing by throwing out glass bottles of beer instead of candy.  Yeah, I should write for “Family Guy.” 
We’re home now for a bit so Hubby and Kidlet can nap, and I really don’t know what this afternoon will hold.  I know this evening we’re hosting a campfire here with some of the staff, which should be fun as it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen them.  I’m having a serious craving for Tequila Rose, but just bought Vanilla Doc, so I’ll have to deal.
Staff at camp also celebrates “Christmas in July” each year where they swap names and do gag gifts.  The staff member that got my Hubby’s name made us a picture collage to hang in our bedroom of the staff member that walked in our house roughly 6 weeks ago while hubby and I were “busy” to tell us about a Porcupine.  I’ve made the joke ever since that “It’s (Intercourse) just not the same without Jim.”  Now we have Jim in our bedroom permanently.  I think it’s hilarious!  Jim (the “make myself at home” staff member) apparently didn’t agree and was mad.  Oh well.  Hopefully he’s learned his lesson.  *shrug*

I’m Still The Only One Full of Hot Air

Yesterday we ventured to the Hot Air Balloon Rally.  Unfortunately, the balloons never left the trailers because the winds never died down enough.  However, we still had fun.  I deep-throated a Corn Dog, so the day wasn’t a complete waste. LOL


Hubby and I enjoying the day

The Only Balloons we got to see all Day

We ate/drank enough calories for a week.  We had Corn Dogs and French Fries, soda, I had 2 alchoholic drinks, then we left and went to Arby’s for supper and then we had Cold Stone Ice Cream.  I had to force that Ice Cream down, but damn it was worth it.  There’s a new King of Ice Cream in the world.  Cold Stone is it.  It costs about as much as a whore, but you get the same amount of pleasure, so it’s a toss-up. 
I’m on a Watermelon cleanse today….I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.
Today is also quiet…trying to relax a bit, and hopefully catch some Nascar.   Tomorrow is back to work.

Check Please!

Hmmm…where to start today.   Well, yesterday was bloody hot, even hotter in the greenhouse and work was D-E-A-D Dead.  Our boss let us take a 2 hour lunch instead of a 1 hour lunch in lieu of the quietness.  That actually put me in a pepredicament.  The electrician was at the house working on our panel (whatever that is) and we didn’t have power.  So.  2 hours to myself, no kidlet, and unable to go home.  Hmmmmmm…
I deposited my paycheck, and went to a local sit-down restaurant figuring they’d let me stay for awhile and I’d save all that gas money by not going home and back into town. 
All was going well.  I was texting my best friend and enjoying my fish sandwich.  I then went to shake the ketchup bottle for my fries.  That’s when I discovered (all too late) that some bastard didn’t screw the cap on tightly.  There I was, alone in a public restaurant covered in ketchup.  My face, my neck, my shirt, my cell, the table, the wall, and probably some places I didn’t discover.  Sonofa&$*! 
I cleaned up as fast as I could with the 2 small used napkins I had, and then realized that I HAD to go home to change shirts.  Otherwise I would go back to work looking like I was 3 and couldn’t feed myself.  Yikes. 
So: Lunch $10
20 miles round trip to my home and back to work = The price of my soul
But, I got a new shirt and little of my dignity back. 
It just wasn’t my day.
Camp Staff invited us out last night, but we told them they were stupid for going to a bar on the weekend that Country Fest is going on here.  (which holds 25,000 people per day.) 
So, we had them over for a campfire.  About 12:00a.m. severe weather rolled through.  We were well aware of it coming, so the fire wrapped up about 11:00p.m. when the warning was issued.  I was secretly happy because it meant I got to bed at a decent time. 😛 
As for the storm, it did weaken right before it got here, so we just picked up a 1/4″ of rain and some wind.  Nonetheless, hubby still had to go out and round up scouts like cattle to get them to storm shelters.  Got to love summer!

As for today, the Hot Air Balloon Rally is this afternoon/evening. 
Breezy conditions are expected, so keep your fingers crossed that it’s still a go!  (Pleaassee!)
Our friends just confirmed this morning that they will be joining us for our Hot Air Balloon Ride Aug. 31st.  YAY!!!!!!!!!! 
She was due to have their baby the 10th (my Godson) but he’s not here yet.  Rrrrrr.  I don’t wait well……. Patience is NOT my forte.  I’ll keep you posted though!

The Master List

I’m too orginial to use the term “Bucket List” to explain the list of things I want to do before I die–especially seeing I had this list WAY before the movie ever came out.
So, here is my “Master List” as this is my list to conquer and live by: 

An “X” = accomplished
1.) Find out if Pudding is a Viscous Liquid or an Amorphous Solid.  **Those who know me aren’t surprised by this…
2.) Go Sky-Diving or Bungee Jumping **Also very Cliche, but Heights is a #1 fear of mine, and someday I’d like to be able to climb a ladder w/o wetting myself and forgetting who I am for an hour.-So I might as well go big.
3.) Take a Safarri in Africa
4.) Visit Australia
5.) Tour NYC like a complete Tourist
6.) Have a Unforgettable (or an unable-to-be-remembered) trip to LasVegas*To go with 23*
7.) Write a Book
8.) Have it Published
9.) Own my own Business/Company
10.) Be a Motivational Speaker (once)
11.) Visit every State in the USA (and admit that airports don’t count)
12.) Do stand-up comedy (at least once)
X 13.) Learn to Live in the Moment
X 14.) Have kids (If God will let me)
15.) Start a non-profit
16.) Make Headlines *Hopefully for something that doesn’t involve me getting arrested.
17.) Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
18.) Own a small home in Key West, Fl.
19.) Swim with Dolphins
20.) Have the Biggest Bash ever for my 30th Birthday (So I mourn it less.)
21.) Visit Alaska
22.) Retire in Hawaii
23.) renew my Wedding Vows in a Cheesy Vegas Wedding Chapel w/an Elvis Impersonator…*only appropriate seeing my husband’s name is Elvis…Yeah, he’s gonna hate that.
X 24.) Learn to Worry Less
X 25.) Learn that a Job is only a Job
X 26.) Care Less about what people think of me
27.) Have Unlimited Income
28.) Own a Home
29.) Buy Another Car
30.) Get More Friends in our Town to go out with
31.) Take Another Cruise
32.) Own a St. Bernard


I will of course, be adding and checking things off this list as I go, but in the meantime, it’s something I always keep close and keep in my mind.  A book regarding this topic that I also always have close to my finger tips is: 2,001 Things to do Before You Die
I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

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