Into Every Life a Crap-Load of Rain Must Fall

It’s been a rough few days for me here.  There’s been a little family drama, and with that, a pretty bad day of missing my mom (even though she passed 4 1/2 years ago.)  I think it was all worth it–meaning the family situation should improve, and it feels really good not to be holding anything in anymore.   Today is better, but I’m still pretty tired from it all.  Yesterday was the lowest I’ve been in a  really long time.  Today is a new day and the past doesn’t dictate the future.  Time to move on.
In other news, we’re waiting for our check to come in for our down payment on our new car and as soon as it does, we’ll go an get it.  It’s been a long few weeks of getting it all worked out, but I don’t mind.  In my world, the anticipation is half the fun of the event itself.  It’s been nice feeling really excited about something, it’s been awhile since that’s happened too.  
As I write this, it’s an hour before we get our mail and see whether the check is here or not.  If it is, it means a trip to Wausau this afternoon to get the car.  In which case, I should be more ready than I am at present, so I better go fix that.  I’ll write more later.