Cabana Boys & Umbrella Drinks

I write tonight, tired.  It’s been a long, full and busy day full of picking up, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, a workout, outdoor work, kidlet’s Halloween costume test-drive, grocery list gathering for tomorrow, dog bathing, kidlet bathing and me bathing. 
I realize on a day like this that my mind no longer dreams of far off trips, or luxury hotel stays–but rather visions of no alarm clocks or kidlet cries to wake a deep slumber, or emerging into the house finding it just as clean as the last time I did so, or the appliances gathering the appropriate soiled items by themselves, washing them and putting them away, or adult tv programming without interruptions of “uh-oh’s,” “Elmoooooo’s,” “Milk!,” or “Book!” …..okay, and maybe there’s a cabana boy in there too with an umbrella drink. –A girl can dream.
I know I’m incredibly blessed to have the life I do.  It’s just when so many hours of this life repeat each other in a string of days, it’s like Groundhog’s Day.  I know that in itself is a luxury many don’t have right now, so I count my blessings. 
In the meantime, I still believe in housework fairies (although I have yet to see one) and I will continue looking for possible hiding cabana boys in my closets. –Cause I can still hope. 🙂

Maybe Housework Fairies DO Exist..

Maybe Housework Fairies DO Exist..

What’s in a Dream?

I just had the oddest thing happen.  A few words said on TV triggered a memory of a dream I had last night.  It was of my mom, who was talking to someone else, but I kept interrupting her with questions about my future.  I know I asked her several questions, but the only couple I recall is that I asked her if I will get cancer and she said yes.  I asked her how old I will be when I get and she said, “31.”  I know I asked her what kind I’ll have, and she answered either Pancreatic or Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  I guess time will tell.

Guess the next color of the crap I cough up

I’m home sick today playing, “Guess the next color of the crap I cough up.”  Yeah, I don’t envy me either.   Otherwise, I’m doing well.  I’m secretly hoping Hubby and I can lay-low this weekend and relax.  Tonight, if all works out we’ll watch “Clerks” and enjoy some take out.  Tomorrow, he has to work until about noon, and then I have no idea what’s going on.   Hopefully nothing.  What can I say?  I’m getting old.
Nicole and Si and their new baby boy, Marshall, (my God Son) are all doing great and resting at home today.  I still can’t believe that poor girl had 29 hours of labor.  I promise to never complain about my delivery again.  Damn.  She’s sore, but doing well.  Things are going to be great for them.
One of my best friends on Twitter ( (and my adopted-mom) is realizing her dreams.  She visited Texas 5 years ago, and promised herself in 5 years she would live there.  As of today, she landed a new job there.  I’m so excited for her!  She’s an inspiration and example of how anyone can achieve their dreams!  Congrats @AnnOhio!  
Well, off to pick up kidlet from Daycare and resume Mom duties.


Last night I got married to my friend from High School.  Oprah provided my wedding dress, diamond earrings and wedding rings.  The ceremony was in a huge Hall.  I was Queen of the Country.  It was amazing. 
I also talked to my mom last night.  Every time she shows up, I still get this sinking feeling in my stomach and I yell at her.  I caught myself last night and realized it was her.  Somehow I got to thinking that I was showing up in HER dream.  I told her “I must be about 14 or 15 when you’re dreaming this.  In ten years you’re going to die.  You’re going to leave me.  You’re going to commit Suicide.” 
I was also back at my parents house last night playing with some young neighborhood girls.  Three Dodo Birds-Orange, Pink and Yellow, kept landing outside the porch door. 
I was busy last night.  It’s a wonder I slept at all…no wonder I’m tired today.

Home Sweet Home

Today there was a Baby Shower for my God Son that brought me back to my hometown.  I got in early and stopped by my parents.  We had a nice time visiting and then it was off to the Shower.  That also was a good time, even though Kidlet wanted to spend the majority of it walking (with my help.)  I found out she likes pineapple, blueberries and cantaloupe today.  (Thanks Buffet!)
The best part of my day was the drive right after that back through my hometown.  It drew up feelings of Homesickness for the 1st time since I left in 2002.  My heart is telling I belong back there.  That’s a welcome feeling considering my husband is open to the idea in a couple of years.  We’ll need a couple of years to prepare anyway.  What I’m even more excited about is how my heart/gut is leading me to new ideas, new goals and new dreams.  Furthermore, I’m excited that my gut is telling me it’s obtainable. 
On the same note, I’m getting a phone call tomorrow on this subject. (More details to come later.)  Look out future!  Here I come!
“Some believe in Destiny and some believe in Fate.  I believe that Happiness is something we Create.  You best believe I’m not gonna wait!” -Sugarland