The Vag

Wowza…that’s a term I don’t use too often, but it’s the only one to fit the description of today. 
One of the “perks” of working at the shop I do is serving the older clientele.  With that, I get the distinct privilege of hearing about their health problems.  Today, I got the honor of hearing an elderly woman talk about her Hysterectomy and how “Usually they pull everything out of the Vag,” and “don’t get my tubes tied, pull the oven out.”  *sigh*  Thank you, “Superbad” for bringing the term “The Vag” into my life.  Thank you, elderly woman for forever ruining that for me.  Some days, I just don’t get paid enough. 

There’s some trouble brewin at work at the moment.  I don’t know specifics at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted.  It could be big.
Today was kidlet’s first day in the “Chipmunk Room” at Day Care.  She’s no longer a “Bunny.”  Our Day Care categorizes our children into groups of rodents…which I guess is appropriate.  Anyway, I was a little worried because she only goes Mondays and Fridays, so her classmates had the week to adjust and today was her first day.  She did great though, and really didn’t seem to care since she was with 5 other of her classmates that moved with her.  It was good.
In car news:  We considered getting the AWD version of the 2009 Pontiac Vibe, especially seeing the dealership had one of those on the lot.  However, after pricing it out, it was too much, so we went back to still wanting the basic model.  The good news is that they got one in today.  The “iffy” news is that it’s still a step up from the basic model which translates into a larger down payment.  After consideration, we decided that we’ll do it.  This means “Earnest” money went in the mail to the dealership today, so they hold the vehicle for us, and it means that once we get the down payment money, we should (finally) have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe in our driveway by the end of next week.  I’m excited because this is the first NEW car I’ve had in my life!  Go Me!
In Hot Air Balloon Ride News: Our trip was postponed on Aug. 31st because of wind.  We’ve rescheduled for Sept. 14th and the only thing left to do is cross our fingers for good weather and calm winds!
This weekend is a Bike Race out here at Camp.  Hubby is working it not only bringing money in for Camp, but for our Fire Dept.  It’s great for him….bad for me, meaning I get the single-parent gig this weekend, but it’s okay.  There’s not much I won’t do for kidlet.

Tequila Breakfast

Yesterday work was full of unpacking and pricing Christmas Merchandise.  No, that’s not a typo.  Thankfully, we’re not putting it out yet.  In any case, it was day I came home especially dirty and feeling like I was covered in Chinese Warehouse Dust.  Yuck. 
On a different note, I would like to thank Day Care for apparently teaching kidlet the words “No” and “Why.”  There are no words to express my gratitude.  *Please sense the sarcasm here* 
I’m fast finding out that Tequila is a good friend of mine on Camp Fire nights.  Tequila MIXED with something is a good friend of mine.  Alone, well, it tastes like butt.–Just trust me.  Anyway, I’m finding that it’s a mix that loosens me up with no after-affects the next morning.  Thank you God!
I have always had a fondness for breakfast.  I never realized how much however, until I found myself in a babbling ramble to my husband last night on how I miss “weekend breakfasts” and how going 10 weeks without them is too much.  Hubby humored me by asking what I would like, and with the help of my friend Tequila, I think I listed 50 things.  Again, at the time it was perfectly reasonable.  Looking back, maybe I asked for a little too much.  At least I’m in a moment of life, that in a “tipsy ramble” the biggest subject in my life is breakfast.
Today has been slow.  Hubby and I are fairly tired because we’re getting old and we pay dearly for any night that we stay up late.  I have managed to get most of my stuff done today, and grocery shopping done.  Tonight will hopefully bring an early bedtime for kidlet so I can wrap some gifts, paint, and get some TV time in….uninterrupted, that is.
Tomorrow, we head to my hometown for my God Son’s Baptism.  After the Baptism is a get-together and then we’ll stop to see my parents.  It will be a long day, but a good one.

Foamy Ketchup Kind of Day

What a day it’s been.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but days like this when it gets technical, I can only explain soil amendment so many times before, even I, talk myself into a coma.
My day started by dropping kidlet off at day care as usual except her classroom door was locked.  I’m thinking “Very funny guys.  You have to take my child, it’s what I pay you for.”  Turns out they got a new security system in the day care and now every parent has to use the main door, punch a code to get in, and go through the entire building to get your kid.  *Sigh*  It’s just a pain in the butt.  So, I hummed the “Mission Impossible” theme while picking up kidlet tonight.  Administration didn’t find it funny, but the teachers did.
I got to work to discover that I underestimated the popularity of the most recent person to kick the bucket.  Normally, I wouldn’t mind….but then there’s the customer that holds you on the phone for 20 minutes telling you a story that they couldn’t cut the grass in the space made for their garden because a turtle was in it.  No, I’m not making it up…I don’t have the energy to make it up.
In lieu of payday, I treated myself to McDonald’s for lunch…at least I initially thought it was a treat.  That was until I used the ketchup dispenser in the restaurant and got foamy ketchup.  It looked normal going into the little paper cup and then turned orange-ish and continued growing like head on a beer.  I should have taken pictures.  I took new stuff which looked a little better and ate in anyway figuring if I got sick, I would have someone to sue.  After my meal I remembered the Salmonella Tomatoes and figured you guys can kiss my ass goodbye, but it’s 8:00p.m. and I’m still okay…so far.
I knew my day wasn’t great, but then I looked at some poor McDonald’s employee being sent out the door in a chinsey Ice Cream Cone Costume and a sign reading “49 Cent Cones” to wave at traffic.  Yep, my day may not have been good, but at least I wasn’t that guy.
My day ended with a call wanting to know if I could look up an order and tell her what plant was sent.  -This is never a good sign.  I looked and realized that I was the one to fill the order and I told her that I sent a Streptocarpus.  I get, “Are they poisonous to humans?”  I think it’s better if I don’t know that story.   Yikes.
Finally, Camp Staff has figured out that we’re going out tomorrow night.  Apparently after last week, I’m somewhat of an attraction.  I may have to start charging…..Anyway, by the sounds of it, we will have a lot of company, and with kidlet at Grandma’s, we don’t have a curfew. 
Look out Twitter!!!