Earth-Toned Hate Mail

Today was productive.  Grocery shopping, 2 loads of laundry washed and dried, 4 loads folded and put away, kitchen floor swept and mopped, living room vacuumed, bed made, bathroom picked up, and I even voted.  I’ll take that gold star now…thanks!
I got to thinking while I was cleaning, of WHY I clean…and that answer is actually quite selfish.  I mean kidlet could care less what the house looks like, and Hubby is at work most of the day, so I guess I clean for me.  Only when my list of chores is done, do I feel calm and like I accomplished something.  Unfortunately, the 5 mins it remains clean before getting dirty again (after all, we have a toddler) usually gets missed, but at least I know I did it. 
Back last year I had got one of these necklaces:  I got it in Earth tones and I LOVED it!  Unfortunately, the plastic closure-clasp cracked on it and I can’t wear it anymore.  I was heavily debating getting a new one as I wore it everyday, but I think that I will try to make my own.  Granted, I know as I write this I have great intentions, but it’s about timing over here…as in when finding time to do it.  But, hopefully I will be able to make time real soon.  I miss that necklace so much!
Yesterday work actually picked up as we had a couple of funerals and our fall bulbs FINALLY came in.  We got some Daff Bulbs called “Peeping Toms” this year….kinda creepy if you ask me.  We had an elderly gentleman come in and spent quite a bit of time debating over what flowers to get his brothers, sister and mother.  We looked at each other silently wondering “His mom is still alive?”  It was later in the conversation that revealed that me meant Mother Mary, and that it was around her birthday.  Furthermore, he told us that he used to know the exact age of Mother Mary.  I mean no disrespect in any by saying this (as I, myself am Catholic) but isn’t that a bit like knowing the exact age of Santa Claus?  (In which case I guess I mean St. Nicholas who actually did exist.–okay, I’m trying to talk my out of getting hate mail here.  It’s taking too much of my energy, so let me have it I guess.)