Vibe’n Life Again

Good morning.  It’s been a busy few days, so I apologize for the tardiness of this update. The drama mentioned before is over, life has moved on and I’m feeling good again.  I guess we need bad days in order to appreciate the good days that much more.  I just don’t like to write when I’m really down because I don’t want this blog to be a bid sob-story.  That’s not what I’m about.  Reporting life is what I’m about. 
Anyway, we FINALLY got our car Wednesday.  IT’S WONDERFUL!  It’s a 4 cylinder, but dang it has balls.  It has XM (which we’ll keep) and OnStar (which we won’t).  It has a whole 400 miles on it, as I took it on a road trip Thursday.  I did spend an hour at the dealership complaining about the treatment we received a couple of weeks ago from them (which I blogged about here in a previous post.)  I didn’t intend to complain that long, but the General Manager wanted to hear the story and so it went.  They attempted to compensate us with a dinner for two at a local restaurant and 2 free oil changes.  Also, one of the associates got fired…not only because of us, but because he had pulled the same thing with other customers.   The attempted compensation was nice, and the apology appreciated, but I’m still pretty sure we’ll go someplace else to get our next car.   Anyway, here’s the car that was such a pain in the butt to get, but worth it in the end:

2009 Pontiac Vibe

2009 Pontiac Vibe



Back Storage The Folds Down

Back Storage The Folds Down


Center Console

Center Console

I posted a couple weeks ago that I ordered some Bath and Body Works Lotions.  I got both “Enchanted Orchid” and “Wild Honeysuckle.”  I LOVE the “Enchanted Orchid” but the “Wild Honeysuckle” doesn’t smell anything like Honeysuckle but I’m learning to like it.  It’s just nice to put scented lotion on after a shower and smell good for awhile.
This week has been an odd one at work.  Monday we went from 0 to 5 funerals during the course of the day.  Despite the number of funerals, we’ve still managed to be dead all week.–No pun intended.  Yesterday just as the boredom officially set in, something worse came in and we got a shipment of baskets.  I hate unpacking baskets because of the Chinese Warehouse Dust that comes with them and the tedious work of putting liners and pricing all of them.  In the same breath, it was a mixed blessing because it kept us busy all day.  Oh well, you take what you can get.
I’ve been addicted to again in pursuit of a new key chain and a sock monkey (for Kidlet)  –A new ride deserves a new key chain, I think. So far, I like these: 




At the moment, I can’t decide, but I love window-shopping online and I love wish-lists even more.  It’s like actually shopping.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.
Speaking of shopping, I did get a new book from  I just got it yesterday and flipped through it last night.  I’m really excited about it! 
Oh, and thanks again to Netflix, I got to see “The Notebook” last night.  Okay, if you haven’t seen this flick, YOU REALLY NEED TO!  It’s amazing!  I LOVED IT!!!  –Yes, it’s a tear-jerker, but a great one.  Oh, and on the subject of Netflix, I received some coupons for a free month trial if anyone is interested.  Just let me know.  I know how much we love it and how well it fits into our lifestyle.  Friday or Saturday nights are now usually movie nights. 🙂 
On a different note, we once again rescheduled our Hot Air Balloon Ride for this Sunday (Sept. 21st.)  I’m actually really excited about it (again) because the forecast actually looks good, and if we go up the trees around our area are turning colors and are GORGEOUS!  YAY!!!!  Maybe God’s plan is better than mine after all.–Don’t tell Him I said that.
Finally, I decided to put all of my Life Lessons into a Journal for Kidlet (someday.)  These are the querky thoughts/lessons I come across in daily life.  My only problem now is tracking down all the ones I’ve had.  Luckily, my Twitter archive ( will help…once I get time to flip through them all.  I only have about 12,000 updates.  Yeah.

The Vag

Wowza…that’s a term I don’t use too often, but it’s the only one to fit the description of today. 
One of the “perks” of working at the shop I do is serving the older clientele.  With that, I get the distinct privilege of hearing about their health problems.  Today, I got the honor of hearing an elderly woman talk about her Hysterectomy and how “Usually they pull everything out of the Vag,” and “don’t get my tubes tied, pull the oven out.”  *sigh*  Thank you, “Superbad” for bringing the term “The Vag” into my life.  Thank you, elderly woman for forever ruining that for me.  Some days, I just don’t get paid enough. 

There’s some trouble brewin at work at the moment.  I don’t know specifics at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted.  It could be big.
Today was kidlet’s first day in the “Chipmunk Room” at Day Care.  She’s no longer a “Bunny.”  Our Day Care categorizes our children into groups of rodents…which I guess is appropriate.  Anyway, I was a little worried because she only goes Mondays and Fridays, so her classmates had the week to adjust and today was her first day.  She did great though, and really didn’t seem to care since she was with 5 other of her classmates that moved with her.  It was good.
In car news:  We considered getting the AWD version of the 2009 Pontiac Vibe, especially seeing the dealership had one of those on the lot.  However, after pricing it out, it was too much, so we went back to still wanting the basic model.  The good news is that they got one in today.  The “iffy” news is that it’s still a step up from the basic model which translates into a larger down payment.  After consideration, we decided that we’ll do it.  This means “Earnest” money went in the mail to the dealership today, so they hold the vehicle for us, and it means that once we get the down payment money, we should (finally) have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe in our driveway by the end of next week.  I’m excited because this is the first NEW car I’ve had in my life!  Go Me!
In Hot Air Balloon Ride News: Our trip was postponed on Aug. 31st because of wind.  We’ve rescheduled for Sept. 14th and the only thing left to do is cross our fingers for good weather and calm winds!
This weekend is a Bike Race out here at Camp.  Hubby is working it not only bringing money in for Camp, but for our Fire Dept.  It’s great for him….bad for me, meaning I get the single-parent gig this weekend, but it’s okay.  There’s not much I won’t do for kidlet.

Vibe’in Pissed

What a day….I say that NOT in a good way.  The dealership that we were working with is giving us the run-around.  It’s insane to think they sell any vehicles if they operate like this.  Here’s the scoop:
We went there last Thursday, spent 4 hours looking and decided that a 2009 Pontiac Vibe would fit our needs nicely.  The dealership got financing approved and got a buy-out for our existing car.  Everything is set minus the actual signing of the paperwork and transfer of insurance.  Last we heard, the dealership was getting the new car from another dealership last Friday.  It needed their inspection and it was good to go.  That was last week. 
Since then, we phoned yesterday afternoon to see what day it might be ready.  We were told that it should be today.  In lieu of this info, Hubby took 1/2 day off and we made tentative arrangements for child care for kidlet.   We called the dealership 5 times.  Each time, we got a promise that they would call back.  One even promised a call back within 10 mins.  That never happened.  Hubby had to finally reach a General Manager.  It was ONLY THEN that we found out that the car sold at the other dealership before they could get it on Friday, and they were scrambling to get a car in stock for us.  That would have been great to know…say…YESTERDAY! 
I’m pissed not because everything didn’t happen right away, but because we were given the run-around.  We were ignored.  We were left in the dark.  We made plans based on false information. 
Fred Mueller Automotive, you’re not on my good list at the moment.  So much so, I have no problem going someplace else.  Somewhere where if they say they’re going to call you back….they mean it.  Where customers mean something more than profit and the lines of communication are open, even if they bare bad news. 
I’m Vibe’n Pissed.

Feeling the Vibe

What a great day.  I was hesitant to leave this morning as Kidlet is starting on having Hubby’s cold, but with Hubby’s reassurance, we still took her to her Aunt’s house and headed to Wausau as planned. 
Hubby dropped me off at Barnes & Noble (a.k.a. Heaven) where I met my Best Friend.  From there, we went to McDonald’s and killed at least an hour talking and talking…oh I love how time flies with her.  We then headed to Best Buy where she figured out that a Dyson vacuum cleaner is like paying $400 for a gay guy as it has balls and it sucks.  I guess she’s right, but I still dream of having one.   We did some more meandering while discussing everything and anything….and I do mean anything.  She’s the best person to have the most candid conversations with..without any surprise or missing a beat.  I swear we share a part of our brains. 🙂
After Hubby finished with his meeting, he picked me up and we headed to the Car Dealership.  After 4 hours of looking, driving, loosing hope that we would find anything, waiting, phone calls, and debating, we FINALLY decided on getting one of these:


2009 Pontiac Vibe 🙂

We’re getting a 2009 Pontiac Vibe in Steel Blue.  (I’m female.  Car Shopping is done by color and bells and whistles.)  This doesn’t have a WHOLE lot of Bells and Whistles, but it’s enough for us.  We got the base model, but it’s a nice compromise between the car I wanted and the SUV my Hubby wanted.  It’s great on fuel mileage too.  We’ll be picking it up this next week once the dealership gets it in.  Apparently, they are pretty hot right now.  I suppose it having a Toyota Engine might have something to do with that. 🙂
Tomorrow, Hubby and I both have off work and it was supposed to be the first day we got together in 4 months.  However, my best guess is that kidlet may run a fever in the morning, (judging by today) which means no Day Care for her tomorrow.  We shall see.   She’s teething and  has a cold.  Oh God, pray for me. 😉