What Did I Do?

Whoa.  I’m in a moment of feeling overwhelmed.  For anyone that knows me, you know that knitting is a serious passion of mine.  I just never expected it to explode like this.  As I’ve mentioned before I first had an order for 10 children’s hats.  I’ve finished 6 of those.  Since then, I’ve gotten an order for 2 more.  On top of those orders, my boss has put in an order for 24 sweater ornaments, 24 mitten ornaments, 24 scarf ornaments and 24 hat ornaments.  Did I mention that all of these orders need to be done by at least early November???
I’m more than happy to do the work, but I sit here frustrated because as much time as I throw at it, it is all so slow-going.  I know it’s only July but I sit here worried that I will run out of time.  Somehow I need to lose this anxiety and get back to enjoying.
In the meantime, here are some pics of what I’ve completed:

Completed sweater ornaments

Completed sweater ornaments

Close Up

Close Up

Sets of Stitch Markers I completed
Sets of Stitch Markers I completed
I guess it’s back to the grind for the moment.  I think I’ll feel better as soon as I have a big chunk of these finished.  I just wish they didn’t take so long!


  1. Amanda said,

    August 26, 2009 at 4:54 am


    I love the stitch markers in your pic here. Do you sell them? I am looking for vendors for my online store that will launch in November. Let me know if you’re interested.


    • kbauman80 said,

      August 26, 2009 at 7:14 pm

      I will be selling them, and am interested in your site. If you would please e-mail me the details at my business e-mail: kate.katesgrace@gmail.com. Thank you!

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