As of late, I’ve been restless.  Ink restless.  And there’s been a few tattoos I’ve been wanting for awhile, and having been living knitting lately, I thought it was time I committed to my love.  I spent nights searching and searching knitting tattoos and nothing took my breath away until I came across this gem:  It was love at first site:

(Minus the flowers) This will be the new addition of ink.

(Minus the flowers) This will be the new addition of ink.

Upside down, obvioulsy it reads "Purl"

Upside down, obviously it reads "Purl"

I’m taking the plunge this time because I will be getting these (small!) on my wrists in brown.  One arm will read “Purl” and the other “Knit.”  I say taking the plunge, because my other 6 tattoos are all strategically placed so that they can be easily covered.  These will be my first marks away from that, and after hard consideration, I’m okay with that.  Nothing that brings me true joy in life involves me sitting in an office (unless one day it’s my own) and I hardly consider these marks “offensive,” so, here we go!

Otherwise, there hasn’t been much news here.  Still long hours for Hubby but hopefully that will improve next week with the start of camp.  As for the floral shop, we’re still waiting for the true “Gardening Rush” as the cold weather has post-poned that.  I’m thinking this week (being our first of warm weather and non frosty nights) will be it.

Oh, and also we have bears.  Not that that’s big news living in 1100 acres of woods, but when we saw this cubby up a tree by our yard, we got the point.  At least he was cute!



Luckily, no signs of Momma!

Luckily, no signs of Momma!


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  1. Barbara S. said,

    June 14, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    Love the tattoo! I read on Twitter you need stitch markers but don’t want to buy them. You can always cut up a straw or two. That is if you have straws around the house. 🙂

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