Friday the 13th Came Early. Trust Me.

It’s been a very busy few days here.  Friday at work was just STRANGE.  First, I had a guy come in the shop and ask to use the phone.  It wasn’t until he was ON the phone that I over-heard “Yeah, I just got out of jail.  You still got that ride for me?”  Wonderful.   Dear God, I wanted to go out with a bang, but like this?  Figures.
I then fielded a call from one of the local funeral home directors who opened with “Do you have one of them, there Singing Valentine’s?”  Not knowing who it was I politely replied “We sure do,” and it was then that he revealed himself and told me that he was just kidding.  He proceeded to place an order for an upcoming funeral and when I asked for the last name of the deceased he says, “Butt. B-U-T-T.”  I didn’t say a word as I squelched a giggle.  It just figures that the name was the one thing he WASN’T kidding about. 
Saturday brought kidlet’s 2nd Birthday Party.  It’s true that her birthday isn’t until this week, but with V-Day falling on a Saturday this year and I working in a Floral Shop, it worked better to have it early this year.  We enjoyed family and friends, and it was a great afternoon.  Kidlet had a blast of her own seeing everyone.  It’s so hard to believe she’s 2 already!
On a different note, I’ve been blessed to have some former friends cross my path again.  I’m so happy to hear from them and get in touch with their lives.  It’s astonishing how fast time flies!
Otherwise, I’ve been living at the gym.  Friday was my day OFF of working out and it figures that I spent that whole morning trying to figure out when I could squeeze another workout in.  Sure enough, 6:45a.m. Sat. morning where was I?  In the gym parking lot waiting for it to open.  Yeah, I don’t know what’s happened to me either.
This week brings 5 more hours at the gym, and an additional day of work this week with Valentine’s Day.   It’s this holiday that always brings interesting stories.  I’ll be sure to share.


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