Ow. Ow. Ow.  I think typing even hurts at this point.  I had the world’s hardest workout this morning, and learned a few life lessons in the process:
Life Lesson #168: Eating oatmeal the night before a morning workout is a BAD idea, unless you like being jet-propelled.
Life Lesson #169:  Never, EVER piss-off your Trainer.  You may not live to see tomorrow, or you may not want to.
Life Lesson #170:  Not eating anything before a workout will leaving you wanting to die after a workout, no matter how mad your trainer is.

Word got out that the other trainer’s work-outs were harder than our trainer’s.  Our trainer didn’t like that.  That complaint is no longer true.
This was the first time ever I came close to throwing-up after a workout, but that also may be because of Lesson #170.
All of this pain, instances of my life passing before my eyes, and sweat at least is paying off.  Yes, I dropped a stinking POUND the first week, but I dropped 7 lbs. this past week.  I’ll take it.
And after this morning’s workout, I think I  also sweat off any calories I ever DREAMT of consuming.  Yikes. 
I’m off to recover.  I have an hour and a half tomorrow in the gym.  Pray for me.

In personal news, I had a glorious “girls weekend” this past weekend.  We didn’t DO a whole lot, but with both of us being mom’s, we didn’t really need to.  Relaxing was vacation.  I also got to see an old friend from High School which was great.  All in all, I would love to do it again soon. 🙂
Otherwise besides this physical torture I’m paying people to put me through, there’s not much news here.  I’ll take it.


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