A Good Dose of Life

It’s been an interesting week.  My best friend from college came and stayed with us for the week because of a family situation she’s going through.  This past week has taught me a lot:
It has taught me that sometimes the most effective way you can be a best friend, is by just being there.   That one should always lead by example.  That everyone has something to bring to your life. 
And sometimes other relationships in your life are nothing like you thought they were.   Sometimes you thought they were more important than the other person, and the deflating moment is when u feel replaced–even worse?–when you’re replaced quickly.  It’s hard on the ego, but nothing that’s not a lesson within itself.   That’s the neat thing about life: in every bad situation there’s a lesson and a tool within that to make you better.
I’m well on my way to making myself better!  Still unsure if I want to go into details, but the next 12 weeks will bring incredible changes–a glimpse of who I really am/the old me, the confidence in myself to never make the same mistakes again with myself or others, and I’m bringing back the girl that can take over the world: so you better watch out!
The past week held lessons learned.   This week starts changes made!


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