Taking Attendance

With a New Year Comes a new look.  I’m all about change at the moment.  Things here (as I wrote before) have been crazy, but they’re finally slowing down a bit. 
The Holidays slapped me up, kicked my ass and put me in my place this year.  I just mean that I thought I was doing really well with “Living in the Moment.”  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Nothing like decorating the Christmas tree to classic Christmas songs sung by the Greats to make this girl 9 yrs old again, and terribly missing my mom and dad.  Unfortunately that dark, empty feeling stuck through most of the holidays for me no matter what I tried to shake it.  I had a few glimmers of happiness while watching Kidlet open her gift, but it wasn’t until I got to see my Dad this past weekend that I felt better.  The Holidays make me homesick.  Bah. 
Okay.  Time to take attendance.  Mine that is…..What did I accomplish in 2008?
I Jumped Off a 6 Story Tower
I Went on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
I (as of tonight) Finished My Course and Will Receive My Diploma in Floral Design
1 Finished: 2 Canvases,
2 Knitting Projects (yikes),
and 5 Books
and I think that’s about it.  *shaking head*–I was hoping to do more…..

Looking Ahead:  To-Do List for 2009
Go to a Milwaukee Brewer’s Game
Learn to play the Guitar
Learn to play the Ukulele (No, I’m not joking)
Paint more (like every year)
This is the Year I Write a Children’s Book!
This is also the Year I Come into My Own
Sky Dive
Host a Huge Summer Party
Start the Tradition of a Family Camping Trip with Friends

I also find out Jan 6th if I get into a program that very well may change my life.  I’m crossing my fingers to get in, yet am undecided about blogging about it yet….Sorry.   It’s nothing scandalous–just private.   However, if I get in be prepared for big changes. 🙂
I’m ready for 2009.  It just means another 365 days of opportunity. 😀

Return To Sender

I know I’ve been lacking in posts recently and I apologize.  However, this month every year brings the stress of decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, working, cleaning, traveling….so that’s where I’ve been. 
To be honest, I’ll be happy when it’s done.  I know that’s a terrible attitude to have, but I’m tired.  I AM happy to report that I’m done with 98% of everything minus the 4 day Christmas World Tour (and by World, I mean WI.) 
Kidlet is providing me with much needed inspiration, smiles and laughter which make these jammed-packed times seem all worth it.  She is an incredible blessing.
It’s odd that I’m finding myself using work as an “escape,” but with the co-workers I have, it’s easy to understand why.  One of them accidentally sent out a stack of Christmas Cards out not only without Return Address Labels but also without Stamps–resulting in various people getting a card that says “Merry Christmas!” –POSTAGE DUE.  We had a great laugh telling her that maybe she’s on to something with the current Recession.   I told her that she should really send apology notes out, also without stamps or return address labels.  She didn’t seem to like that idea.
Otherwise, all is well here.  I promise to resume more regular writing after this whirlwind of Holidays is through.

1, 2, 3, 4

I know I’ve been lacking in writing this week, and a case of the stomach flu has helped with that.  There’s not a WHOLE lot to report, but I’m hoping to be able to get back to writing this weekend.   I’ll do my best to catch everything up then.  Until then, here’s a new song I especially love: