With Age Comes Wisdom?

It’s been a good year.  I accomplished everything I set out to and then some.  I’ve gotten back into doing my art and have discovered another avenue for that by starting to make jewelry.  I’ve gone back to school to get my Diploma in Floral Design, I went on a Hot Air Balloon Ride, I jumped off a 6 story tower, we got a new car.  Yeah, I would say it’s been a great year!
My goals for 28?  Finally write a Children’s Book.  Finally learn about publishers and that business.  Maybe sky-diving this summer?–We’ll see.  Get my Diploma in Business Management.  Record lessons learned.  Say Yes more.  Seal old bonds and make new ones, and integrate the wisdom of “This, Too, Shall Pass” into my daily life.
It’s been an outstanding weekend of which I’ll write more later.  In the meantime, it’s been this eventful weekend that has worn me out.  I need to rest.


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