Say What Now?

What a good day.  Granted it started a bit rocky with a conversation with my co-worker/friend about how defeated I felt yesterday, feeling that I lost on both the kidlet and housekeeping fronts.  She chimed in with “Welcome to Motherhood.  There are A LOT of days like that.” 
I replied, “I was kinda hoping for a comment that might make me consider taking the Suicide Hotline off my Speed Dial.” 
“I don’t have time to sugar coat things, Hunny.”  –Gee, Thanks!
My day got better despite decorating fresh evergreen wreaths all day for the cemetery.  I like to think that my making of wreaths for the dead, adds to my karma points.  A girl can hope….
The nearly impossible happened today.  Working in the floral shop for 6 years now I’ve seen almost everything.  But today was a whole new ball of wax.–First, we got a call from a family member of a deceased person telling us that they only wanted 5 flowers at the funeral and that if anyone else called wanting to send flowers, we were to tell them the family prefers money.  Ummmm…no.  I don’t really think that’s in our job description as a floral shop, so that’s not gonna happen. 
Second, a 17 yr old guy came in with his mom this afternoon, wanting to get flowers for his girlfriend.  It wasn’t anything new until they asked if we had artificial roses.  I showed them what we had and he chose one artificial red rose and ordered 11 fresh red roses all to vased together (equaling a dozen.)  The kicker?  The card (which he came up with on his own) read, “I’ll love you until the last rose dies.”  Wow.  Even after all I’ve seen, I still remain hugely impressed.  I told him that at least he can write for Hallmark if everything else falls through for him. 
Finally, a writer came in the shop today, and while wrapping her purchases I told her that I’ve always wanted to write a Children’s Book, but have no idea how to go about publishers and all that stuff.  She was kind enough to give me a name of a book that should have all the info I need, which saved me about a week of research.  I’m so happy answers pop up when you need them. 
Who was the writer by the way?  Victoria Huston.  She’s written a host of mysteries using the Northwoods of WI as her backdrop and people in small towns as her characters–indirectly of course.   A list of the books she’s written is here:
Oh!  And I almost forgot!  I have a new member of my Cattleya family:

The Newest 'Chid

The Newest 'Chid


7 buds!!

7 buds!!


What can I say?  I saw it at work, it has 7 fricken buds and the price was right. –Stop looking at me like that…..
Well, I’m off to continue watching the Packer Game and update my Amazon Wish List before Hubby gets me anything for Christmas. 🙂


1 Comment

  1. Sprite said,

    November 24, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Love this post… and the new baby. *hugs*

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