Who Needs a Couch When There’s a House to Clean?

What a difference a day makes.  I had some inner demons that I had to conquer, and I successfully did that today, surprisingly with housework.  WOW!  Someone should have told me years ago what good therapy housecleaning is.  It would have saved me a lot of money. 😉 LOL.
This all sort of freaked out my Hubby as I’m not usually the one to initiate a good deep-clean, so he was kind of confused, but it didn’t matter to me.  It was through a great “Pitch and Purge” session that filled 4 garbage bags, that left me once again feeling like me, and that I can do anything.  I missed this feeling!   Who knew?! 
I’m also feeling physically better and think I’m beating whatever is trying to keep me down.  I still feel the worst in the mornings until the drugs kick-in, but once that happens I’m almost back to 100%.  
It’s a good day afterall.  We need the bad days to appreciate the good ones. 🙂


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