Late Night Ramblings

It’s 9:30p.m. we just finished a movie and with the way I’ve been feeling, I should at least be tired; obviously, that’s not the case.  We watched “Dan in Real Life” tonight and although admittedly slow-moving, I thought it was okay.  Hubby didn’t agree, so I suppose I’ll let him take a crack at the Netflix list.  *Mentally preparing myself for consecutive weeks of “shoot ’em up, blow ’em up, boobie” flicks.*  –Sigh. 
Sitting at the table tonight with kidlet, both of us coloring (what…?) while Hubby made dinner, I remembered my childhood where I treated coloring books as practically sacred.  I had so many rules.  I HAD to color the pages in order.  I HAD to color the characters/images the CORRECT colors, and if I wasn’t sure on the colors, I had to look until I found a picture of them to compare.  Furthermore, I got mad at other kids for making marks on pages that weren’t next to be colored and I got equally as mad when they didn’t color the characters/images the RIGHT (as in true to life) colors.  Wow, even then I had issues….  I guess the silver-lining to this disturbing tale is that I’m weeks shy of 28 and I can FINALLY color an Octopus purple, or give Minnie a red dress instead of her pink one.  However, I still might need to attend a meeting here or there to keep up with my progress. 
I’m also happy to report that my eye has improved, is less swollen and I may ACTUALLY have a shot of resuming eye make-up for work come Monday.  Miracles come in all forms.  I guess this also means I can resume walking in an upright position as opposed to the hunched-over Igor impression my co-workers found humorous.  *shrug*
Tomorrow is Sunday which brings Football and Nascar.  I tried to squeeze in some college football today, and although Hubby wasn’t happy I only had to argue that it was on right before the news and that I was waiting for news to come on.  That won me 3rd and 4th quarter of the WI vs MN game. -SWEET. 
So, although this week has been rough, it was full of a lot of lessons and reminders, and who couldn’t use those?  Afterall, it’s why we’re here.  Oh!  And I got a clean house out of it, so I really did win all the way around.


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