This, That and What?

Wow…the week isn’t over, but it’s been a long one.  Kidlet got sick Sunday and we had 4 days of fevers.  Luckily, she’s feeling better, but we’re still hunkering down for the moment.  No one prepared me that in times of illness, a toddler’s indecisiveness increases by 250%.  Yeah, thanks for that…… *evil glare*
In other news, our house is very happy with the election results, even though we were too tired to stay up to witness them first-hand.  I’m sure this is the breath of fresh air we all need.  At least I’m excited.
In lieu of the rain and snow fore-casted for this weekend, there was a mad dash this morning to get the final things in the yard crammed into the garage for the winter.  We also got Lyme on the new soil on the vegetable gardens so it will soak in over winter.  A little mix of the soil in the spring and we’re set to plant.  I’ll have 8 raised beds for a whole crop of things!  I’m really happy about that.  Then again, it doesn’t take much.
I also started Christmas Shopping last night.  This translates into items making it as far as my “Shopping List” on–but not yet purchased.  I must say that I’m doing better this year with new ideas *patting myself on the back.*  I’ve never even thought about shopping this early in past years, but it’s going BETTER than past years, so maybe I’m on to something.  *shrug* 
My shipment form the University should be arriving any day so I can FINALLY continue Units 5-9 and claim Wednesday nights back as mine to study, etc.  The school had a tech problem which prevented my materials from being shipped for the last 2 weeks.  It will be so nice to start again! 
I think after kidlet goes down tonight, that I will get some art going during our shows.  I think that will help lighten my spirits after a trying week.  A girl can hope. 🙂


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