Manic Monday

I hate Mondays.  I mean I REALLY hate Mondays….especially mornings.  Today was no different.  There was not enough makeup in the world to cover the bags under my eyes as my body pleaded for another 3 hours of sleep.  After I beated everything into submission, I ventured out to find that we had our first snow fall of the season.  Whoopie.   That started the points at: Me 1 (for getting up) / Universe 2 (Monday morning + snow.)
I finally wrangled everything together, got kidlet and took the new car for it’s first spin on snow.  No one died.  No one even came close.  That’s:  Me 2 / Universe 2.
I got to work to recieve the wonderful *insert sarcasm here* news that I would be putting faux Christmas Trees together all day.  That’s: Me 2 / Universe 3.  It got a bit old a quarter of the way into the first one.  I had 4 to complete.  Did I mention they were all 10′ tall?  That’s: Me 2 / Universe 8.
I decided to attempt to lighten my mood while I was stuck in “solitary” for the day.  I looked outside to see it not only it “flurry-ing” out like the weatherman predicted, but rather “blizzard-ing” out, so I started singing Christmas songs.  My co-workers threw things at me.  (We’re a dysfunctional family really.)  That’s: Me 2 / Universe 9.–This is not going well.
Finally, my boss assigned me to take pics of the staff to update the website.  Doing so was like nailing Jello to a wall.  The ladies are NOT fans of getting their pictures taken and I swear they literally vanished at the sight of the camera.  I finally pinned them down one-by-one, posed them, put pleasant-but artifical smiles on them and completed my mission.  That’s Me 3 / Universe 9. 
In the midst of taking pics, there a few not-so-good ones as usual.  One of my co-workers and I are practically best friends so as she begged me to erase the bad ones, I kept the worst one telling her that I’m keeping it in case she ever goes missing to submit it to the media.  She’s chewing gum in it, her mouth half open and as my other co-worker put it “It looks like she belongs in a home.”  LOL  That’s Me 4 / Universe 9.  I also teased her that I was going to submit the horrid pic to the local TV Station for their Birthday announcements on a day that isn’t her Birthday and happily wish her a “Happy 63rd Birthday!”  (She’s in her 40’s.)  Yes, I’m mean….but with a day like today, I needed all the laughs I could get. 
That’s Me 5 / Universe 9 – and on a Snowy Monday, I’ll take it.  I’m just glad it’s over.


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