Kindled My Heart….

I’m writing this morning with UNBELIEVABLY good news!  For the first time in roughly 20 mos. kidlet is sleeping through the night!  Last night was night #2.  This is the best news we could have gotten.  I was starting to age about a year a week. –Even attempting to rub what I thought was eyeliner off below my eye only to find it was a bag.  I can’t explain the horror felt.  There is a God!  He may even like me a little!
Also, yesterday a big item (as in expensive) got added to my Wish List, and put at the top of my “To Save Up For” list.  I’m not really expecting to get it, (unless I save for it) but I figure if kidlet can sleep through the night, hey, maybe miracles CAN happen. *shrug*
It’s Amazon’s “Kindle”.  I new OF it before, but only yesterday did I see all of the beautiful features it has.  In very simple terms, it’s an electronic book.  It has the capability (shipped as it is) to store 200 books in it’s existing memory.  If you add a memory card, that number jumps to 4,000 books.   It does not require a computer to use and through it’s own wireless network, there is instant access to 190,000 books.  The average cost per book download is anywhere from  $.99 to $2.00 (in comparison to anywhere to $15.00-$30.00 for the book in print.)  **New books and top sellers are $9.99 to download**  One can shop, search and buy straight from the device, and there’s a built in dictionary so in the middle of reading you can click on the word you don’t understand to see it’s definition.  I also realized another huge benefit to me would be the trashing of my bright book light to read at night which shines into kidlet’s room.
Anyway, this new fascination is Oprah’s fault–at least I can admit it.  It was through her show yesterday that I found out all of it’s wonderful features.  Of course the fact that I’m a reader and a gadget fanatic probably doesn’t help.–Ohhhh, THAT’S where Kidlet gets it!!!
Oh well…in the meantime, it’s back to the 3 paperbacks I have stacked next to my bed.
Here’s the link to this great product: (So you can see what the fuss is about.)


The Kindle

The Kindle

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