Skipping Stones

Wow.  Today has been a great day.  Hubby essentially gave me the day off by taking care of kidlet today.  I got pictures dumped off the camera onto the computer and a couple edited.  I finished curing my jewelry pendants and although they didn’t come out like I had hoped, it was a test run, and a good one.  I got 3 canvases prepped and one collage done.  I haven’t gotten a chance to work on this many of “my” projects in at least over a year.  I’m feeling really well.  I’ll have pics here tomorrow, as my camera’s SD Card and my computer are not liking each other at the moment.
Speaking of tomorrow, as we were sitting down to supper tonight, the phone rings.  I thought, “So help me God, if this is another Call from the Republicans….” I look at our caller ID which read my work number.  I answer to hear my boss telling me that I don’t need to come in tomorrow because essentially she can’t afford to have me there tomorrow, but she will pay me for 3 hours of work I can do from home for the business website, and she finished the conversation letting me know that I would see her on Monday as usual.  Wow.  I’ve been working there 6 years, and this has never happened nor have I ever heard of it happening before.  I wonder if I need to start looking for a web-based side job…anyone hiring?
So, I guess this leaves me with time tomorrow.  I guess I’ll clean the house after I drop kidlet off at daycare and I’ll do yard work in the afternoon.  Or maybe I’ll just drink all day.  (Kidding!)
I’ve wrapped up Chpt. 4 of my Floral Design Course.  I’m at a 96% and am waiting for my next shipment to come in which will give me what I need for Chpts. 5-9.  For as many “irons in the fire” as I have right now, I feel more productive than ever. 
In the meantime, it’s time for me to nod off….


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