You Want What?

Wow, what a day.  We were busy at the Floral Shop, but my head wasn’t there.  It was around the world, thinking about everything, thinking about nothing.  Just one of those days. 
The day was mainly dominated by Funeral work once again.  Then, a gentleman decided that he wanted to send his Girlfriend a Lime Tree for Sweetest Day (which is this weekend…you’re welcome.)  That was fine, it was when he asked me to put fresh flowers in it that I got a little frustrated (although not expressed until AFTER the phone call.)  Oh well, hopefully she was happy.   It was certainly the oddest order I had today.
Sweetest Day is fast fading, I think.  It’s a regional holiday having originated in Milwaukee a long time ago (you like my history lessons?)  It’s mainly known of/celebrated in the Mid-West.  I like to think of it as a Holiday for new couples or guys in the doghouse. 
One poor guy was so lost on what to get his partner.  He asked me what I liked the best.  I gave the “Politically Incorrect” answer–seeing I work in a floral shop–that I like music and jewelry the best.  Luckily, he still bought something from us.  I know I have to watch that, but I’m so…genuine. -Not in an Holyier-than-thou way, but in a what-pops-in-my-head-pops-out-of-my-mouth way.  I need a full time censor I think.  I would keep them busy, that’s for sure.
Then I realized.  Music and jewelry are 2 of most sentimental, LASTING ways of expression.  As I’ve said before, nothing can bring you back to a certain place, or time or person like a certain song–Which I LOVE.  And jewelry can be always with you as a reminder of a sentiment.  So many of my jewelry pieces have a story or history behind them.  I love that too.
Anyway, I digress, but it’s been that sort of day.  I’m off to unwind with a book and some music.


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