Ugh.  I’m coming off a very frustrating day at work yesterday, and as much as I should have let it go by now, it’s still bugging me….obviously.
Everyone is obviously feeling the crunch in this economy.  That’s understandable.  And for this reason my boss has decided to not only put an end to letting customers charge on house accounts (which is completely understandable) but she also has chosen to list “Delinquent” next to customers names who are so.  What I’m getting at, is that if a customer comes in to pay their full balance, I get the pleasure of having to hand them a receipt that has their full name-delinquent on it.  I’m now practicing the motion of handing out receipts and ducking.  It’s just an embarrassing situation that us as employees are put in.
My boss also scheduled a meeting Thurs. morning for all of us employees to talk about all these changes like stopping charging on accounts, etc.  I told her that I can’t find a sitter and asked if I could bring kidlet.  She hesitated for quite a bit and asked, “she’s good, right?”  I told her yes, but that if she wasn’t I would make a graceful exit.  She finally agreed, but I sensed she wasn’t happy about it.   I’m giving serious thought to not going.
And finally, she’s trying to work out a new schedule for us, to distribute us more evenly throughout the days.  My co-worker volunteered to give up Fridays.  My boss comes back with “I never know if Kate is going to be here or not and if it’s 2 people in front on Friday and she calls in, then I’m down to one in front on Fridays which is nerve wracking.”  Thank you for making me feel like crap for staying home when either I or kidlet is sick, and in front of everyone on top of it.  Thanks.  I really appreciate that! 
I know this will pass, but in the meantime I’m just feeling like crap for the moment.  I’m still grateful that I’m pursuing a diploma in Floral Design, as that will help me no matter what.  And furthermore, I’m happy to be to starting this jewelry thing.  It could very well be something quite nice to fall back on if needed. 
Off to put my “Mom Hat” back on.  This house doesn’t clean itself.  At least kidlet rewards me with a hug here and there. 😉


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