Kick Me

The good news and changes keep flowing here.  After my boss took a look at the first Floral Design Course I was interested in, she said it focused a lot on business, which is fine, but the course is based out of Australia and she didn’t know how much the Australian markets differ from ours.  So, I did some more research an found a Diploma in Floral Design offered out of Ashworth University which is based in Georgia.  There is only a few online courses offered in this field state-side, so I’m finding that this is the most comprehensive one.  I’m still waiting for feedback from my boss on this course, but I think it will be better.
I filled out my loan papers yesterday and put them back in the mail today.  I requested Direct Deposit, so now it’s just the waiting game.
On the Jewelry-making front, Hubby is kind enough to grab some Polyresin for me from Menards which enables me to dip my first Orchid Blossom tonight.  I’m pretty excited, which I know, sounds very lame.  But all these things (Floral Design School and Jewelry Making) have come farther in the past few days than they have in years. 
The Zip-Line run, which I mentioned about a month ago will happen this next week.  I’m deathly afraid of heights, and this sucker STARTS at 6 Stories up.  Time to conquer the fear, scream a bit and possibly wet myself.  But the theme of this has been “Life is for Living!”
In fact, I know this year isn’t done yet, but I’m pretty damn happy with how much I HAVE gotten done.  I’m continuing to work on being a better person, and there are changes there too.  Slow and steady-in that area-will win THAT race.  No more kicking homeless people for me.  (j.k-about kicking them in the first place that is..)


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