Are Eagles Considered Poultry?

Yesterday was an odd day, but in a happy, surprising way.  Our dog, (who hates baths) wanted one of kidlets bath toys so bad that he climbed in the tub with her.  So, having the good fortune of timing, she was done and I bathed him.  I thought that would teach him a lesson, but tonight he had his nose right back in the tub.  Also, our cat (who is scared of her own shadow) didn’t run away from kidlet, but rather rubbed up against her and let kidlet pet her.  –Who replaced my animals?  And finally, the third small miracle, kidlet picked something off the kitchen floor and put it in the garbage can all on her own.  Okay, for those of you who don’t have kids, this last one makes me sound slow, but she’s only 1 1/2 yrs, old!  This is big.  As if these small miracles couldn’t make me happy enough, I was blessed with today….
What a day!  At the start at my day lied a ton of possibilities.  By this afternoon, I got a plan.  Everything just came together today….as in years of hopes and wishes.  I started this morning having vague desires but no real direction, by 2:00p.m. after talking to my boss, I found out that if I acquired a Diploma of Floristry (which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile) that it would increase my income.–That was the one thing I wasn’t sure of and the one thing that was keeping me on the fence.   Having done some research this past weekend, I have found an on-line program that is on average completed in 6 to 9 months and that is a fraction of the cost of other programs I’ve seen.  Just to be sure, I’ve sent the link to my boss to have her look over the courses to see if it’s just as good.  I also called my Financial Representative and sought advice of taking out a loan against my Simple IRA to fund this.  Under the terms that are unique to me, he advised that it would be okay to do so, considering my age and the fact it’s to further my education and increase my income.  The loan paperwork should be in the mail tomorrow for me.
Also, Hubby and I sat down this passed weekend and hashed out the details of starting my own hand-made jewelry shop…something that would be on-line all year and that we would take to Craft Shows as well.  The BEST NEWS of today, is that I can do this Diploma AND still start jewelry.  I feel on top of the world right now. 
As far as the jewelry goes, I’m getting how-to books in the mail from Amazon this week.  That tells you where I am in this process, but everyone has had to start here.  With Winter around the corner, I could think of a better time to start to learn this art and build inventory.  I’m also incredibly blessed that my Hubby is behind me in both these pursuits.  He’s helping me with the “Black and white” aspect of the business, figuring how much money we’ll need for inventory, etc.  He’s been down this road before with his own business about 10 years ago, (which he literally gave up for this job with the Boy Scouts.)  So, it’s nice to have that experience and support behind me. 
Also, with this Diploma of Floristry, I can take this knowledge with me anywhere.–As in wherever life takes us years from now–as every town usually has a Floral Shop, and although I can’t bet they’re always hiring, this Diploma will make me more employable at a higher rate of pay.  I can also do this job no matter what age I am, which will be great to fall back on in my retirement years.
I sit here in awe at how in a matter of hours everything can come together so quickly and smoothly.  I think I know who I can thank. 🙂


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  1. linksmonkey said,

    October 5, 2008 at 11:14 am

    3 things:

    1) If Rowdy takes a long term affection to that particular bath toy of kidlet’s, you now have something to coax him into the tub with when it’s his actual bath time.

    2) If kidlet picked something up & put it into the trash can all by herself, you now know the 1st place to look when you can’t find something – remote control, cell phone, car keys.

    C) You’ll have to use Google for this, but I knew someone who did trade shows & I believe there’s are on-line sites that list shows around the country, but you’ll probably stick to your area for now or whatever. Now’s the time to look for trade show sites & network & find out the good, money-making trade shows from people who do them & such.

    Have fun w/your life w/o wetting yourself too often!

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