Full of Hot Air

Well….it was fun.  Kinda.  We got the go-ahead for our Hot Air Balloon Ride yesterday.  We headed to Wausau, ate an early supper and met our friends who went with us.  We got to the site, signed our lives away and got to the balloon launching site.  We watched them unpack it, and blow it up.  My excitement was brewing while Nicole’s nervousness was boiling.  We got into the basket and the winds picked up.  We got jostled around the basket pretty good, and fifteen minutes into the winds not letting up, we had to quit.  We have to reschedule for a 4th time.  This time is for the morning of Oct. 19th.  Pray for us.  
In the meantime, here are the pics to prove we were at least there:






Despite, the disappointment, we still managed to have a good time, so it wasn’t a complete waste.  We’ll just try it again!


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