Sunny Pee

*Warning: this Post includes some personal medical issues, explained in non-medical terms.  It is written out of truth for the purpose of entertainment.  You’ve been warned. :)*

Wow, what a few days it’s been.  Thursday my body confirmed that I had a UTI.  (Urinary Tract Infection)  Whoopie!  Hubby was kind enough to get me some Azo to treat the symptoms and the plan is that I would wait it out a bit before deciding to go to the Dr. 
Thursday night came and all of the sudden I had internal lower back pains.  Crap.  This can’t be good.  So, into the walk-in clinic I went, fearing my kidneys were failing, I’d end up on dialysis and die after I accidentally missed a couple of appointments.  (Obviously you seem my optimism here.) 
To speak quite frankly, at this point my urine was also a different shade of normal upon going in, also heightening the dialysis outcome in my mind. 
I got in to walk-in, symptoms explained and they asked for a urine sample…that I saw coming.  What I didn’t see coming, was the  Orange Easter-Egg dye colored sample I ended up giving them.  Great.  I was sure I was dying.  I had a “Scrubs” moment  (Where one’s imagination takes over into a ridiculous day-dream) where everyone was at my wake, various people asking how I died and others shaking their head sullenly saying, “Orange pee.” 
I nervously got into the Dr.’s room and waited for the nurse.  She asked if I was taking anything and I explained that I had taken one dose of Azo that afternoon. 
“Oh,” she said, “That would explain your sample.  Azo turns your urine orange.” 
“What?,” I thought “I’m not dying?  No dialysis?  No appointments I might perish from if I forget them?  YAY!……Wait, why isn’t this on Azo’s packaging in bold letters: “THIS PRODUCT TURNS YOUR PEE ORANGE AND, NO, YOU’RE NOT DYING.”–I’ll have to write the company.” 
Two Life Lessons got added to my list that day.  Life Lesson #139:  Azo turns your Urine Orange. & Life Lesson #140:  It’s best not to first learn of Lesson #139 in a Hospital Bathroom.
In other news, I have another Orchid in Bloom!


My Mini Cattleya in Bloom 🙂

I also got a chance to devote about 3 hours to myself yesterday.  (THANK YOU, HUBBY!) and I worked on these:

More Paper Beads I Made in Earth Tones

More Paper Beads I Made in Earth Tones

I need to find a way to coat them in sealer and dry them, but then they’ll be ready to go and I can finally attempt to replace the necklace I adore so much!  Yay!
And finally, I would like to devote this part in “An Ode to Netflix.”  Hubby and I don’t get to the theater.  Between finding a sitter, and more difficult-finding a movie that we want to pay theater prices for, it just doesn’t happen.  We started getting Netflix a couple of months ago, and it’s WONDERFUL!  I can once again feel “in the loop” of the current Pop Culture.  And even more than that, this morning CBS Sunday gave a run-down of up-coming fall movies coming out.  This means, I popped over to the computer and was able to enter the titles I think look good to my Netflix Queue.  We’ll get the movies popped into our line-up as soon as the DVD’s come out!  YAY!  That alone makes Netflix priceless to me!  THANK YOU NETFLIX! 
Oh, and if you want to check-out upcoming Fall Movies to perhaps do the same thing, here is where I found them this morning:
Have Fun!



  1. monrae said,

    September 14, 2008 at 10:03 am

    For drying the beads, hang them on a skewer or bent coat hanger… you can also paint a sealer on them while they are “hanging.” I am excited to see the necklace, I just soooo love those beads. You have me wanting to start another project!

    So in life lessons, which goes right along with yours… I was in A&P and had an awesome instructor. He was explaining that fundraiser sugar cookie dough that is bright blue for whatever the fundraiser was… eaten right out of the tube (while finishing the ENTIRE tube) will make you poo neon green. I have yet to test this to prove its medical worth, but I’ll believe him.

  2. LinksMonkey said,

    September 14, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    Such a clever post title. Where did you come up w/it?

    When the 1st Hulk movie came out, they sold Hershey’s syrup w/the Hulk on the label. Turns out it was supposed to turn your milk green, but it was much better @ making green poop.

    I wish I’d bought a case of that stuff. Good times!

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