Wii-ing All Over Myself

I just had a nice session with my Wii.  I found that the Boxing Game is really not something to mess with.  However, it was productive-in that sweaty, demoralizing, humiliating way…..
I’m battling with my weight at the moment. –More like for the last 10 years.  I chalk it up to Karma.  I find most days, I’m sitting on this fence of: Do I eat myself to Lap-Band Surgery, or do I work it off? 
Granted, working if off would be cheaper, but then again, Lap-Band would be more effective.  I mean really…how much damage can you do if you feel like you’re gonna puke after eating a raisin?  –Gotcha thinking, didn’t I?   It’s better than that bag of Cheetos that went to my ass last month and hasn’t managed to budge.  I’m just sayin…
*Sigh* I suppose I’ll work it off. –If I MUST..  I have a 10 year High School Class Reunion next year that I would like to go to, but these are the years that everyone is still worried about looks, money, careers…rather than when we get older and the victory is in just being around to show up.  So, as much as I would like to say I’m confident enough in myself to go as I am, I better head back to the Wii Boxing Ring to get my ass kicked again.  Stupid Cheetos.


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  1. monrae said,

    September 7, 2008 at 9:56 am

    No matter what you think, you are always beautiful… in that unbrushed hair in pj’s without a bra boobs hanging to your knees cheeto ass kinda way 😉 Seriously, I know how hard it is… trust me (just starting week two of Slim Fast in addition to exercise), and despite the reunion, only do the weight loss exercise thing if you are doing it for you! If you aren’t, it is going to suck donkey B@%%&. You are a great person, inside and out and nothing will ever change that!

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