Dog Days of Nude Bike Racing

It’s been a good day.  As I said before, I’m doing the single-parent gig this weekend as Hubby is busy in camp with a WORS Bike Race.  Kidlet and I went to visit him about 1:00p.m. which entailed a stroller ride/walk to the other camp.  On our way we passed some camp sites and I look over to see a nude butt in my face as a good looking guy was changing into his racing gear.  Thank you God!  Kinda made the weekend worth it.  What!!  I’m married, not dead!
I realized looking around today, that there must be an underground cult of cyclists complete with a oath that says that they all must drive foreign cross-over vehicles.  Wow.  It’s a little weird when they all get together and the parking lot is a sea of them!  What’s that about? A religion I don’t know about?  Probably.
We ended up spending the afternoon down by the beachfront, talking to fellow Fire Dept. members and playing with one’s dog.  The dog’s name is Lexi and she’s 1/2 Beagle, 1/2 Basset Hound.  Her owner wasn’t sure if she could swim so he took her to the end of the dock and dropped her in.  She could swim, although I don’t think she liked to. 
With this bike race, there are PLENTY of dogs in camp at the moment.  Luckily, we fenced off the backyard this year, both for our dog, Rowdy, and for kidlet.  It’s a good thing, as I let Rowdy out this morning and this big, beautiful St. Bernard was out for a walk with his owner and ran up to our back fence.  Rowdy tried to act tough by barking his head off, but in the end he was up on the deck wanting in.  We have the BEST watch dog in the world!  Saying this (with sarcasm of course) I know if I’m on a walk in the woods and see a bear, I’m screwed.  Rowdy can run faster than I can, and he’d be gone in a second…well, after he pissed himself.



Kidlet ran around saying what sounded like “Shit” tonight.  I played it up and emphasized the word “SIT” and when she did, I cheered.  It’s so hard at this age, because I know she doesn’t know what she’s saying and she doesn’t speak that well yet, so I’m just trying to make the best of it.  In the meantime, I’m gonna have to put myself in timeout, or start a swear jar.  I don’t mean to, but if I stub my toe or get really mad, the words leave my mouth before I think of them.  Damn it.  –LOL. 
This is a big week coming up.  Not only should we finally have our new car in the driveway, but pending good weather, we’ve rescheduled our Hot Air Balloon Ride for the 14th.  I’m excited for both. 
Oh!  And finally, hanging around at the other camp today, I took a harder look at the climbing tower/zip line there (practically in our backyard.)  I decided that I’m going to do the zip line.  It’s 6 stories up.  This is big, because if I even get up on a ladder, I wet myself and forget who I am for an hour.  Don’t worry, I’ll take pics. 🙂


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