Vibe’in Pissed

What a day….I say that NOT in a good way.  The dealership that we were working with is giving us the run-around.  It’s insane to think they sell any vehicles if they operate like this.  Here’s the scoop:
We went there last Thursday, spent 4 hours looking and decided that a 2009 Pontiac Vibe would fit our needs nicely.  The dealership got financing approved and got a buy-out for our existing car.  Everything is set minus the actual signing of the paperwork and transfer of insurance.  Last we heard, the dealership was getting the new car from another dealership last Friday.  It needed their inspection and it was good to go.  That was last week. 
Since then, we phoned yesterday afternoon to see what day it might be ready.  We were told that it should be today.  In lieu of this info, Hubby took 1/2 day off and we made tentative arrangements for child care for kidlet.   We called the dealership 5 times.  Each time, we got a promise that they would call back.  One even promised a call back within 10 mins.  That never happened.  Hubby had to finally reach a General Manager.  It was ONLY THEN that we found out that the car sold at the other dealership before they could get it on Friday, and they were scrambling to get a car in stock for us.  That would have been great to know…say…YESTERDAY! 
I’m pissed not because everything didn’t happen right away, but because we were given the run-around.  We were ignored.  We were left in the dark.  We made plans based on false information. 
Fred Mueller Automotive, you’re not on my good list at the moment.  So much so, I have no problem going someplace else.  Somewhere where if they say they’re going to call you back….they mean it.  Where customers mean something more than profit and the lines of communication are open, even if they bare bad news. 
I’m Vibe’n Pissed.


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