A Special Kind of Ed….

Okay.  Bid news in the Orchid Dept!!  *Stop rolling your eyes*  First, I MY MINI CATTLEYA IS IN BUD!!!! See?

Second, the sheath on my other orchid is opening and I can see the buds!  (Pictures coming tomorrow on that.)
And finally, I’m growing my first set of double-leaves:

I also came across this tonight, and I may need to find various ways to raise $80.  http://www.alohaorchid.com/detail.aspx?ID=910
That sale definitely will not last forever, so if I’m gonna act, I have to do it quick.  I don’t know.  Guess I’ll sleep on it.
Finally, I realized at work today that I’m going to have to ask for at least one digital photo frame for Christmas.  I think I have an addiction to taking pictures….of everything.  Is there a support group for that?
Sorry this post isn’t my usual witty-self.  I’m pretty tired and just had to share my Orchid news!


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