Meat Flavored Gelatin

Well, the good news is that the remote is FOUND!!  Thank God!!  It was in the couch after all….figures. 
The bad news is it was a long day at work filled with a lot of characters.  Yeah. 
We have a customer that orders fairly regularly, but is paranoid-to the point that she has 4 deadbolts on her front door.  She happened to call today about 1:30p.m. when we were all busy with customers and couldn’t get to the phone.  She called immediately after and I answer.  She says, “I don’t know if I had the wrong number, but I called awhile ago and it rang and rang and rang.”  I said, “Yes, if you just called, we were busy with customers and I apologize.”  She replies, “Oh, well I thought maybe something had happened and there was a death in the family and the shop was closed for the day.”  At this point I’m thinking, “I wish.”  Wow.
We did have enough down time today to contemplate what, exactly, Hardee’s or Arby’s Roast beef is made from.  I have a theory that it’s meat-flavored gelatin, but I went on a mission to find out for sure.  I didn’t succeed.  Not today.  But, I’ll keep you posted. 
If you didn’t get the terribly geeky news from me, I HAVE AN ORCHID IN BUD!!!!!  And, now, the pics to prove it:

Don’t look at me like that….just humor me!  Thank you!  Was that so hard?  🙂  I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress.  I know you’re at the edge of your seat. 
Hey, on a final, dis-tastefully funny note: 
You know what’s better than winning a Gold Medal at the Special Olympics?———————–> Walking.


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