Screwy Anniversary

Wow.  I guess I’ve been married 5 years today.  Doesn’t seem like it.  Some days it feels like forever and some days feels like just yesterday.  It’s been a great 5 years though….full of ups and downs, trips, boredom and curve-balls, arguments and I’m sorry’s.  We can still carry a conversation without saying a word, finish each others sentences and 90% of the time, we’re thinking the exact same thing.  I couldn’t ask for more.
Nothing planned for today to celebrate…but tomorrow we’re celebrating in a big way with a Hot Air Balloon Ride.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s tomorrow.  The weatherman has been busy dashing my hopes for flight tomorrow by putting “Breezy” in the forecast, but looking closer, winds seem good for Sunday Night. YAY!  
Yesterday, Hubby and I had the day together alone by both taking off of work and taking kidlet to Day Care.  We used it by cleaning the house and building raised-bed for a veggie garden next year. (God, I feel old writing that.) BUT–I got to play with power tools!!  

I screwed these!! (You know what I mean) 😛

AND NO INJURIES!  I’m a little sore today, but that’s because I’m a pansy.  Hubby says we have more work to do out there today….somehow, I’m less enthusiastic today. 
Anway, I guess that’s all the news here for the minute.  Hopefully, I will have an OUTSTANDING post for Monday 🙂


Feeling the Vibe

What a great day.  I was hesitant to leave this morning as Kidlet is starting on having Hubby’s cold, but with Hubby’s reassurance, we still took her to her Aunt’s house and headed to Wausau as planned. 
Hubby dropped me off at Barnes & Noble (a.k.a. Heaven) where I met my Best Friend.  From there, we went to McDonald’s and killed at least an hour talking and talking…oh I love how time flies with her.  We then headed to Best Buy where she figured out that a Dyson vacuum cleaner is like paying $400 for a gay guy as it has balls and it sucks.  I guess she’s right, but I still dream of having one.   We did some more meandering while discussing everything and anything….and I do mean anything.  She’s the best person to have the most candid conversations with..without any surprise or missing a beat.  I swear we share a part of our brains. 🙂
After Hubby finished with his meeting, he picked me up and we headed to the Car Dealership.  After 4 hours of looking, driving, loosing hope that we would find anything, waiting, phone calls, and debating, we FINALLY decided on getting one of these:


2009 Pontiac Vibe 🙂

We’re getting a 2009 Pontiac Vibe in Steel Blue.  (I’m female.  Car Shopping is done by color and bells and whistles.)  This doesn’t have a WHOLE lot of Bells and Whistles, but it’s enough for us.  We got the base model, but it’s a nice compromise between the car I wanted and the SUV my Hubby wanted.  It’s great on fuel mileage too.  We’ll be picking it up this next week once the dealership gets it in.  Apparently, they are pretty hot right now.  I suppose it having a Toyota Engine might have something to do with that. 🙂
Tomorrow, Hubby and I both have off work and it was supposed to be the first day we got together in 4 months.  However, my best guess is that kidlet may run a fever in the morning, (judging by today) which means no Day Care for her tomorrow.  We shall see.   She’s teething and  has a cold.  Oh God, pray for me. 😉

Narcoleptic Living…..Zzzzz

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few.  Not much going on, just daily life.  Kidlet is having a hard time sleeping at night, even with letting her cry it out.  Guess I will have to consider taking Kidlet to the Dr…in case it’s heartburn or something like that.  In the meantime, surviving on sleep deprivation is getting old. 
I’m enjoying some time off of work as I write this.  Hubby and I both took Friday off of work, and we’ll enjoy the first day together (as in “just us”) in four months, as Kidlet will go to Day Care that day.  I’m pretty excited.  With having Friday off, and Monday being a Holiday, I don’t have to be back in the shop until next Friday.  Yay!
Tomorrow is a trip to Wausau.  Hubby has a meeting there, and he’ll drop me off at Barnes & Noble where I will meet my best friend and hang out for a bit.  After 12:00p.m. Hubby will pick me up and we’ll head to the car dealership and possibly trade in our ’05 Grand Am in an effort to get lower monthly payments.  We’ll see.  I’m not sure what we have going on Saturday, but pending good weather, our Hot Air Balloon Ride is Sunday!!!!!!!  I’m so exited!!  I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, as the weather forecast calls for Sunday to be breezy, but a girl can still hope. 🙂
Anyway, I have some more pics of my gorgeous Orchid…as it’s ALL in Bloom now!  Enjoy!




Glorious Bloomin!

This post is to merely redeem myself for my geekiness both in photography and my Orchids.  Hopefully these pics help….





There will be more pics soon, as my 3 other buds are starting to open tonight, so “Group Photos” will be a must.  This was just the first one. 🙂 

An Unexpected Great Day

Big News First:  MY ORCHID IS FINALLY BLOOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Pics to come in a minute…hold your horses)
Otherwise, this turned into an unexpected great day.  I guess it really started yesterday when one of my Hubby’s friends from camp brought us some outdoor toys for kidlet.  Little did I expect a freaking Jungle Gym!  It’s amazing!  They also brought books and a toy vanity, a lamp and a PFD for kidlet.  I’m speechless! 
Today my parents came to visit, and they got to see my Orchid.  More importantly, with the help of these new toys, they got to play and interact with kidlet.  It was great and exactly what I’ve been needing. (As odd as that is to say.)  With their help kidlet mastered climbing and going down the slide today!  It was so great to see. 


Grandpa with Kidlet 🙂

They also brought some of my old things (from when I was a kid) for kidlet to use now, which is neat.   My dad also brought me some jewelry that I thought was long gone.  I was supposed to have inherited a diamond ring from my Great, Great Aunt, but I’ve been unable to track it down.  I didn’t know that my Dad had it this whole time!  I’m so happy!

I also found a locket from my childhood that I’ve often wondered about.  That in itself were two very nice surprises. 
Our Wii paid for itself today.  I showed it to my parents, and my dad had a ball with it!  It was an easy 2 hours of fun together! 
With all of these things, I really think this was the best visit with my parents in a long time.  Yay!
Now, onto my Orchid.  Oh you think I would attach it to THIS post?  Oh hell no!  I’m been waiting for this for too long…it gets a post by itself. 🙂

Things That Make You Go….WOW

It’s been an interesting day already and it’s not even noon.  I’m convinced that Hell is close to Freezing Over as my Hubby admitted this morning that he’s excited to see my Orchid bloom.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.
In other news, I went down to switch laundry this morning and found Spaz (our cat) in the downstairs window in attack mode.  I glanced out expecting to see a chipmunk and found an injured Hawk in our rock bed.  My best guess is that he flew into the window.  I called Hubby and told him to come to the house ASAP.  After some discussion him and his staff grabbed one of our cat-carriers, put the Hawk in it and they are taking it to a Wild Bird Sanctuary in Woodruff.  The guys named the Hawk “Zipline” as it must have gotten a taste of how the scouts feel on the Zip Line when they don’t let go and hit the stopper while flying at top speed.  I thought it was a nice touch.  
On a different note, although I don’t watch CBS News anymore (we watch NBC News at night), I still remain addicted to CBS’s website ( for news during the day.  It must be a slow news day, because I found this story titled “Condom, Condom” Ringtone:
Further investigation lead me here: where you can listen and download this Condom Capella for your phone.  I’m finding it hilarious!  Way to go CBS!
Finally, I got a sales e-mail from, which is only the BEST place to buy Orchids in the WORLD!  They have great prices, tons of Cattleyas (which are the species I collect) and reasonable shipping.  Come to find out, they run amazing sales too.  Like THIS ONE: 
In lieu of our Hot Air Balloon Ride next weekend, our budget is a bit tight at the moment, so I’m hoping their sales last into next month.  We shall See. *Crossing my fingers*
Well, I better continue this exciting day by making lunch.  Glamorous, aren’t I? 😉

One Ringy-Dingy….

Today was better at work.  Some people had the courtesy to kick the bucket over the weekend, so we had Funeral Work to do.  Don’t look at me like that! 
I did walk away with a couple of new Pet Peeves, however.
First, if you have a Cell Phone, ditch the old-fashioned ring!!!  If you have the technology, USE the technology!  If you have your cell programmed for a ring from a Rotary Phone, you just aged yourself 25 years. 
Second, I know it’s really not their fault, but I don’t appreciate getting yelled at by people that can’t hear.  Furthermore, I like having to yell at them back even less.  It’s embarrassing standing in a Floral Shop yelling into the phone while customers stare at me.  I’m not a fan.  Miracle Ear, could we do something about this please?  
I got lucky and my Cattleya didn’t bloom while I was gone today.  I know it’s pathetic, but on a positive note, at least my life is calm enough at the moment to actually have an Orchid be a highlight of my life.  Again with a look from you?  Sheesh. 
Last night was #3 of “Operation Tough Love.”  I woke up on top of the world this morning, remembering that I had just heard kidlet at 11:00p.m. and not a peep since.  I got up, shut her nursery door, got ready, went out to make breakfast and found Hubby sleeping at one end of the couch and kidlet sleeping at the other.  I was so mad!  Hopefully that doesn’t set us back tonight, but I’ll let you know.  All I know, is that won’t happen again until Operation Tough Love is over…that’s for sure. 
On a different note, I also came up with a new life goal.  I want to create a scented candle line that based on objects that have no smell like, wind, rocks, paper….
Either that or my co-worker and I want to start a candle line like the Garbage Pail Kids of the 80’s.  We want to do, dog poo, full cat litter box, fart, rotting garbage…you get the picture. 
I wonder which line would sell better?

Ring Around the Orchid

Today has been okay, meaning that this didn’t feel like much of a weekend because Hubby had to work all of it for Camp Shut-Down, but we did okay. 
I did made a happy realization today.  If you know me, you know I LOVE necklaces and am usually ALWAYS wearing one.  Well, that hadn’t been the case for the past 17 months, because of kidlet loving to pull on them.  I gave it a try and put one on again today, and we’re good!  YAY!  –What can I say?  My life is made up of small victories.  So, bring on the necklaces!!!!  🙂
If you’re looking for an Orchid update….here goes:  It’s not that exciting yet….sorry.  I’m like an impatient 4 yr old at the moment, and am so anxious for them to bloom.  Is it time yet?          How about NOW???


In kidlet news, we’re on night #3 of Operation “Tough Love.”  Last night was successful in me not getting up, but unsuccessful in kidlet still crying and sleep being lost.  Hopefully tonight will be better, because I have to work tomorrow.  However if it’s as slow as it was Friday, maybe I can catch a nap in the back… j/k
Finally, I got to talk to my best friend from college tonight.  Ours to is a relationship that we can go forever without talking and just pick up exactly where we left off.  It’s really nice.  It’s a place where I always feel comfortable in my wacky ways because she understands… 🙂 
That’s all for now…I’m off to bed. Tomorrow brings work and Day Care.

Boxed In at Camp Wannacocktail

Yesterday was one of the slowest days I can remember at work in a long time.  My 2 co-workers made a day of organizing the Box Room.  Yeah, it was bad.  I cleaned, and left an hour early, took kidlet home and played outside with her. 
This past week has been really rough with kidlet getting up 4-5 times a night.  Last night, I made the first effort to put an end to all of that and did some “Tough Love” by letting her cry it out.  It took about an hour, but she went back to sleep.  Hopefully, tonight is better.
Last night was the last night of Camp Wannacocktail at our house for the year with some of the camp staff.  It was a good time.  There was a late-night run to Taco Bell.  There was laughter, and mooing in Taco Bell…mainly by me… (and a gratefulness that I don’t have to worry about dating anymore.)  It was good to just let my hair down.  As sad as I am that everyone leaves today, I’m okay with it too, because I’m getting way too old to stay up late anymore.  Will someone pass me my walker please?  Thanks. 
With this sad news is the GREAT news that this is the last day of Scouts in Camp for the summer!!!!!  YAY!!!  I have my 1100 acres of yard back!!!  I’m free!!!!  *insert image of me frolicking here* –Sorry.
It will be a few more days before things REALLY calm back to normal, but I’ll take it. 🙂

Crystal and I 🙂


The Camp Wannacocktail Gang



Tony and I 🙂

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