McLovin Saturday

How could I forget this?  Last night while at the “Creative Arts Walk” I must have touched a soap or lotion or something, because I was on the way home from the grocery store/liquor store, I noticed that my right hand smelled like guys cologne.  It was a bit baffling to think that I was completely sober and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how only my right hand smelled like a guy.  Welcome to my life.
This morning has been very good.  We went to the Farmer’s Market, the park, McD’s, and then saw the Budweiser Clidesdales.  They’re going to parade around downtown this morning, and stop at bars to deliver cases of beer.  I think they should add to the whole “parade” thing by throwing out glass bottles of beer instead of candy.  Yeah, I should write for “Family Guy.” 
We’re home now for a bit so Hubby and Kidlet can nap, and I really don’t know what this afternoon will hold.  I know this evening we’re hosting a campfire here with some of the staff, which should be fun as it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen them.  I’m having a serious craving for Tequila Rose, but just bought Vanilla Doc, so I’ll have to deal.
Staff at camp also celebrates “Christmas in July” each year where they swap names and do gag gifts.  The staff member that got my Hubby’s name made us a picture collage to hang in our bedroom of the staff member that walked in our house roughly 6 weeks ago while hubby and I were “busy” to tell us about a Porcupine.  I’ve made the joke ever since that “It’s (Intercourse) just not the same without Jim.”  Now we have Jim in our bedroom permanently.  I think it’s hilarious!  Jim (the “make myself at home” staff member) apparently didn’t agree and was mad.  Oh well.  Hopefully he’s learned his lesson.  *shrug*


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