Who needs Shrinks and Doctors?

It’s been a long few days, but also very enriching.  Hubby and I were up until midnight Tuesday night discussing us.  It’s probably one of the best conversations we’ve had during our marriage and I have walked away actually feeling that our marriage is stronger than ever.  Don’t get me wrong, the external forces around here are still difficult, but my confidence that we’ll make it is 100%.
I got to spend yesterday with my best friend, (the day after her surgery).  I thought we would hang at her house while I took care of her, but she wanted to go out and play.  So, we went to Abbotsford for breakfast, then on to Marshfield to a coffee shop, the mall and Target.  It’s probably one of the best days I’ve had in 17 mos.  It was so good to take 2 hours to eat a meal.  It was so good to talk about anything and everything.  It was so good to just be me for a few hours.  I think it was what we BOTH needed.  I know I did.
I intended to swing by Nicole and Si’s after to see my God Son, however we met by chance at the local gas station instead.  Their son, Marshall, is SOOO CUTE!  We’ll all be getting together again Aug. 10th as that his Baptism.  I’m excited!
Today is back to the grind, which is okay too as tomorrow is back to work and Day Care for kidlet and I.  Today’s mission is to launder the bedding.  It’s in progress, but not done yet.  It’ll get there.   
I was hoping to pick Strawberries this weekend with Hubby & kidlet, but I fear we missed Strawberry season by a mere week.  So, I’m not exactly sure what we’ll do yet.  It’ll figure itself out I suppose.

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