I’m Still The Only One Full of Hot Air

Yesterday we ventured to the Hot Air Balloon Rally.  Unfortunately, the balloons never left the trailers because the winds never died down enough.  However, we still had fun.  I deep-throated a Corn Dog, so the day wasn’t a complete waste. LOL


Hubby and I enjoying the day

The Only Balloons we got to see all Day

We ate/drank enough calories for a week.  We had Corn Dogs and French Fries, soda, I had 2 alchoholic drinks, then we left and went to Arby’s for supper and then we had Cold Stone Ice Cream.  I had to force that Ice Cream down, but damn it was worth it.  There’s a new King of Ice Cream in the world.  Cold Stone is it.  It costs about as much as a whore, but you get the same amount of pleasure, so it’s a toss-up. 
I’m on a Watermelon cleanse today….I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.
Today is also quiet…trying to relax a bit, and hopefully catch some Nascar.   Tomorrow is back to work.


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