The Master List

I’m too orginial to use the term “Bucket List” to explain the list of things I want to do before I die–especially seeing I had this list WAY before the movie ever came out.
So, here is my “Master List” as this is my list to conquer and live by: 

An “X” = accomplished
1.) Find out if Pudding is a Viscous Liquid or an Amorphous Solid.  **Those who know me aren’t surprised by this…
2.) Go Sky-Diving or Bungee Jumping **Also very Cliche, but Heights is a #1 fear of mine, and someday I’d like to be able to climb a ladder w/o wetting myself and forgetting who I am for an hour.-So I might as well go big.
3.) Take a Safarri in Africa
4.) Visit Australia
5.) Tour NYC like a complete Tourist
6.) Have a Unforgettable (or an unable-to-be-remembered) trip to LasVegas*To go with 23*
7.) Write a Book
8.) Have it Published
9.) Own my own Business/Company
10.) Be a Motivational Speaker (once)
11.) Visit every State in the USA (and admit that airports don’t count)
12.) Do stand-up comedy (at least once)
X 13.) Learn to Live in the Moment
X 14.) Have kids (If God will let me)
15.) Start a non-profit
16.) Make Headlines *Hopefully for something that doesn’t involve me getting arrested.
17.) Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
18.) Own a small home in Key West, Fl.
19.) Swim with Dolphins
20.) Have the Biggest Bash ever for my 30th Birthday (So I mourn it less.)
21.) Visit Alaska
22.) Retire in Hawaii
23.) renew my Wedding Vows in a Cheesy Vegas Wedding Chapel w/an Elvis Impersonator…*only appropriate seeing my husband’s name is Elvis…Yeah, he’s gonna hate that.
X 24.) Learn to Worry Less
X 25.) Learn that a Job is only a Job
X 26.) Care Less about what people think of me
27.) Have Unlimited Income
28.) Own a Home
29.) Buy Another Car
30.) Get More Friends in our Town to go out with
31.) Take Another Cruise
32.) Own a St. Bernard


I will of course, be adding and checking things off this list as I go, but in the meantime, it’s something I always keep close and keep in my mind.  A book regarding this topic that I also always have close to my finger tips is: 2,001 Things to do Before You Die
I HIGHLY recommend it!!!


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