Up, Up & AWAY!!!

IT’S OFFICIAL.  OUR HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE IS SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST 31ST!  THE DEPOSIT IS DOWN!  IT’S A GO!!!!!!  YAY!  Another dream coming true!  I really don’t think I could ask for a better husband than the one I have.  He’s up for anything and believes anything is possible.  He’s amazing.  Without him, I wouldn’t be doing 1/2 of these things.
I think this may be the best summer in a REALLY long time.  We haven’t done anything extravagant, but trips to the park with kidlet, or our weekly get-togethers with friends and cook-outs are really making the summer FEEL like summer.  I’m LOVING it!–Sorry McDonald’s for ripping that off…
The Hot Air Balloon Rally is this weekend, which I’m especially exicted to bring my camera to.  (Yes, I’m aware of my geek status, and I’m okay with it.)  Look out Flickr!!– come next Tues., I’ll be testing it’s server capacity. 😀
Also, my God Son is due TOMORROW!!!!  I’m so freaking excited!!!!!  I have someone to knit for for the rest of my life!  Also, we have it worked out that we’ll be doing an arranged marriage between kidlet and him…okay, not really, but the thought of it makes me excited.


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